Saints Best Defensive Plays from 2019 NFL Season | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Saints Best Defensive Plays from 2019 NFL Season | New Orleans Saints

Highlights of the best plays of the 2019 NFL season from the New Orleans Saints defense. Review the top plays from the Saints defense in 2019.
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Drew Goddamn Brees

How about worst moments for the Saints defense who choked when it was in their hands AGAIN???

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Drew Goddamn Brees shouldn’t have gone to overtime, they balled out all game.

    Savage Noah

    If Drew Goddamn Brees and o-line wouldn’t have chocked then there wouldn’t even be an overtime

    Crazygamer 5445

    Why don’t you get on the field and play, I wanna see how it goes


We out playoffs so it really doesn’t matter but its still whodat⚜️⚜️⚜️


Best defensive plays ? Ok, F DAT, get us some freakin killas, some nasty crazed DAWGS, who when they make a play they don’t do little gurlieman endzone celebrations; but get READY FOR THE NEXT PLAY, until the JOB IS DONE


    WM Jr.

    Thank you for uttering every word in my head.

j p

Im here

j p

Going into next season

Matthew Mendel

Hahahahahaha that Shy Tuttle stiff arm is still the best thing I’ve seen

J Lit

Damn defensive highlights? Oh these guys who celebrated like they got a fumble after a 2 yard loss? The guys who were torched so badly against the 49ers I thought I was watching a life cremation. Yea these guys deserve a vid especially after choking a playoff game…

    Crazygamer 5445

    Bro chill, tbh the saints aren’t the best team. Idk what happened with the 49ers and the saints always lose to the Vikings…

Kras 4

But we still can’t close 😳.

Derek Powell

Wish they still were plays this year

Crazygamer 5445

Still wish saints beat the Vikings tho…

mezzo forte

Cjgj all over this what a money pick

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