Ryan Tannehill: We Understand the Opportunity in Front of Us – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Tannehill you played well

Chris Franklin

Somebody please pay this man some $…

Ricky Whitehurst

Please resign him this offense is explosive with him under center

    Cole Pratt

    Lmao you mean re sign, resign means to step down

    John Hunter

    @Cole Pratt grammar nazi

    Cole Pratt

    John Hunter No, my initial thought was that he wanted to get rid of Tannehill

Bill Yates

Tannehill is the man! I’ve been a Miami fan since day 1 back in 1966 and Ryan is one of the best qb’s the Dolphins ever had! Hopefully the Titans are smart enough to keep him!

    John Hunter

    That’s cause they haven’t had much besides Marino and Bob griese. I can think of Chad Pennington and that’s basically it as far as solid starters

    Weese Bowski

    Yeah no!

Orange Jesus

Titans much > Steelers. Hope Titans get in.

Ryan Flanagan

Great game Tennessee Titans
From New Orleans Saints
Who dat Saints

Adust Gaming

So glad this man is our quarterback


Another good player with lots of talent that Miami failed to develop. Titans are using his skills and he is proving that he is a starting QB in the NFL. Good for you Tannie…

cham 5

I so hate macolm an adoree hurt Sims got to go next year


Your here Tannehill

Michael Wyatt

Titans Tannehill great job Gladiator I am a fan of your mentor Dan Marino Hall of Fame you are the next one

Captain Trips

That’s my Quarterback!

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