Ryan Tannehill on AFC Honors: It’s a Reflection on Our Whole Group – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Aiden Horn

I can’t understand the questions

    Nathan Anderson

    I blame Xfinity. Lol haha

    Aiden Horn

    Nathan Anderson 😂

Dellway Hellway


George Harry

Just win

    Aiden Horn

    George Harry ez


As a Dolphins fan living in Nashville, it’s really hard not to just LOVE what’s happening with the Titans. Ryan Tannehill has always been good. He was always playing with a bad offensive line, a bad run game and a bad defense. His career numbers in Miami were actually pretty good. I watch the Titans every week and it’s so refreshing seeing what Tannehill looks like with a great team around him. This is the best running game he’s ever had by far, best defense, and best cast of weapons. He looks like Steve Young out there.

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