Ryan Ramczyk, ‘It’s A Huge Week This Week’ | 2019 NFL Wild Card | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ryan Ramczyk, ‘It’s A Huge Week This Week’ | 2019 NFL Wild Card | New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints right tackls Ryan Ramczyk post-practice locker room interview ahead of the Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings 2019 NFL Wild Card Round playoff game.
Ramczyk previews this Sunday's Wild Card round match-up at noon on FOX.
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The InvictusSamaritan

We destroyed the 2017 draft, remember when people thought we were stupid for trading Cooks? He got traded again and now he’s stuck with the Rams.

    Ryan Flanagan

    Go Saints

    Da truth hurts!!!!

    Yeah! But we should’ve kept B. Cook though.

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Da truth hurts!!!! He’s trash with the Rams, can’t catch a thing unless it’s garbage time plus he doesn’t show up in the super bowl.

Noel Truong

“Huge week” Huh? All you Saints fans are saying we’re getting blown out

Don’t underestimate us, our team is fully healthy now, all our stars are rested, we’re ready, watch out 😈💜💛

    Noel Truong

    George Brother you’ll see, I’ll be back here Sunday after the game, you should to. For now don’t respond to this because I’m not saying anything else till Sunday afternoon

    Gundam1313 NOLA DAWG

    Dude get out of here ; stop stirring up the Hornet’s nest with the WhoDat Bayou Faithful.

    Noel Truong

    Gundam1313 NOLA DAWG what tf did you just say

    Ike Williams

    This is funny asf because the Vikings really dont stand a chance

    George Brother

    @Noel Truong i be back sunday!!!!

Drew Goddamn Brees

This guy shuts down the most elite Defensivw Ends. Let’s go! WHODAT GODDAMMIT


    Unless you are going against Fowler in the NFC championship.

George Brother

Best right tackle in the league!!!

Gundam1313 NOLA DAWG

2017 draft class best ever in the history of the NFL.

Kenny Domino

Let’s go get em fella’s WHODAT

    kg the great one

    Hey that’s my sayin

Dr. Fell

Man said ” every year since I been here we be in the playoffs, this is all I know” Go knock Vikes senseless bro

Ninedaystorm Psn

This man is working his way to an all pro season

Ramon Crocodilians Productions

Let’s geaux Ryan!!! Keep grinding!! Geaux Saints ⚜🏈⚜🏈🔥🔥Woooo!!!

    Ryan Flanagan

    Go Saints

B Wheels

The RAM himself

Ryan Flanagan

Go New Orleans Saints

Jennifer Turner

The Saints men are so intelligent that I would like to know what they majored in college.

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