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Russell Wilson Postgame Press Conference at Panthers | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Hear from Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson following the Seahawks 30-24 victory over the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium during week 15 of the regular season.

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Owen Sewell

Go hawks nice game Wilson


    Man, I’m spooked. Even if you’re healthy and fit, week 17 is going to be a banner day for Emergency Rooms and Cardiologists across the entire pacific coast.

    Time to invest in the Nitroglycerin heart pill and Grecian Hair Formula industry.

A Fucking Bird

What a way to bounce back!

    Dovakin EScrolls

    We’re spoiled as enthusiast this season haha. 1. And 0 again

Dovakin EScrolls

Good battle. Go Hawks!


    Dovakin EScrolls Atlanta sucks

Brandon Maruszczak

Let’s go Seahawks and Russell Wilson is awesome and let’s go to the super bowl this year and win it and I really hope Seahawks go to the Super Bowl and win it!! And Chris Carson and Tyler Did awesome!!! And so did Josh Gordon!!

    Brandon Maruszczak

    TuckTuck and what


    See you guys in SB….from the Ravens

    Brandon Maruszczak

    plmoknty let’s go Seahawks!!

    Absolute Unit

    Are you like 10

    Brandon Maruszczak

    Absolute Unit What does that mean

Chris Cantillas

I’m impressed seahawks nice game and great job!♥️💙💚

Jinnie Kercheval

Champions go Hawks

Twahan Simultaneous

We need DangeRuss to do this against good teams. Maybe week 17?

    Clinton Alford

    He did against Minnesota, Philadelphia, New Orleans and LA Rams the first time around.

    Bottled Water

    Philly is terrible. Don’t call them good


    @Bottled Water philly has a top tier defense. The play of the offense of philly means nothing.

Cameron Vessey

I feel like our Offense goes as Tyler locket goes if Tyler is healthy .. every thing starts working . whether he’s catching the ball or not


    Cameron Vessey he’s the safety valve with dissly out and Baldwin retired


Go hawks let’s get the super bowl!!

sparda Hellkin

Pass to Josh Gordan more

    Matthew Pettit

    His time will come in the playoffs. This game showed me they trust him and want to test him. It’s only up from here.
    GO HAWKS!!!

    Cullen Rollo

    sparda Hellkin I like this. Let dk and Lockett dominate and unleash Josh and dmoe in the playoffs


    Josh Gordon*

Looking for Wyatte Earp

Now that the 49ers lost today to the Falcons it puts our Seahawks in a much better position.

Seahawks Fan

Falcons beat the 49ers

    Inbal Feuchtwanger

    @T O Sadly that is irrelevant because of the tiebreaker situation. No matter what happens next week the Seahawks must win week 17 or they lose the division.

    T O

    @Inbal Feuchtwanger Yup that goes for both teams it’s gonna be a NFC West Championship game week 17 it’s definitely going to be a crazy game can’t wait


    @Inbal Feuchtwanger not true, if we win next week, and the 9ers lose to the rams, no matter what happens in the 9ers vs seahawks game, we will still hold the tie breaker.

    Inbal Feuchtwanger

    @Lineback3r54 No we dont. The 2nd tie breaker is conference standings. We are both tied there and after they lost to Rams if the seahawks lost its still a tie. So it goes to the 3rd tiebreaker which is common games, which 49ers win.


    @Inbal Feuchtwanger possibly, but what I’m saying is if the 9ers lose to the rams this next week, and the seahawks beat the cards, then it goes to strength of schedule tie breaker if the 9ers beat the hawks in the last game where the difference would be that the seahawks beat Minnesota a 10-4 team and the 9ers beat the redskins a 4-10 team as it stands. That would be the reason the seahawks would win the tie breaker if I am not mistaken. If you plug it in to ESPN’s playoff picture calculator that way it would put seattle in 3rd and the 9ers in 5th.

Matthew Pettit

Love russ and every person on the seahawks!!! Our 2nd string came out and played ball. We adapt and overcome. #1 SEED BABY!!!!!!!

Connor Haapala

I love how wilson smiles when he talks about winning #superbowl54run #Gohawks

Kilroy Gonzalez

Seahawks, Ravens and now Falcons. Apparently gangs don’t like birds! #GoHawks

ig Godufly_Ps4

Selfless man.I Love Russell Wilson!!!

Smokey Mcbongwater

Go Seahawks
Seahawks vs Ravens
super bowl

Cohen Bates

“Is josh gordon taking your job soon” 😂

Cohen Bates

The only person who disliked this is a 49ers fan


    He just salty because they lost to the 4-9 Falcons. Niners fans thought they league owed them #1 seed after week 9.

    Cohen Bates

    @Mike Fr

    James Peterson

    Niners lol. Nice game today santa clara. It almost made me forget the rams game. Boooooo. So funny how different teams matchup differently. Matt Ryan always plays us tough, beat the niners. We just always have a toufh time with the rams and dont seem to be intimidated by the 9ers. GB, US, NO, and SF maybe Minnesota even all have a chance to get to the dance. It is going to be an interesting 2 months. If we can stay away from playing like we did last week we will be in every game and in position to win..

Christopher Day

SF fans: “We are going to the Superbowl”.
SEA fans: “Go Hawks”

Seattle is classier

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