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Russell Wilson Mic’d Up at 2020 Pro Bowl vs AFC

Listen in as Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is wired for sound during the 2020 Pro Bowl in Orlando, as he leads the NFC against the AFC.

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RIP Black Mamba

We definitely gonna win Next year

Joely Woely

Go Hawks


Russell Wilson is the man


    WALokotes509 he is the most positive on the field. Can’t get this guy s

AJ Watercutter

nothing beats seeing lamar and russell trading jerseys after the game too cool


    class acts for sure.

    school pizza

    I wanted to see a rematch of that regular season game in the Super Bowl so badly

Danger Doom

Take a shot every time he says, “I see ya”


    In the hospital for alcohol poisoning halfway through the video

    Blood Cousin

    Danger Doom take a shot when the 9ers win you drunk bum


    Blood Cousin looks like he’ll be sober on super bowl day

    Blood Cousin

    Aawzdchjhhdghfyjik you will be sober , cause everyone else will be celebrating with champagne when the 9ERS WIN

    GioFrio 17

    Take a shot every time he says “boy”

KMH02 02

Its too bad the Pro bowl is such a sham lol It should be AFTER the Super Bowl, Super bowl players should participate, eliminate fan voting and make it so the players and coaches decide who goes.

    B Rus

    Stooooppp! Too much logic in one post! The NFL would never make such an obvious decision


I can finally see Wilson at his best when he has a good O-Line

    school pizza

    AKA the Superbowl winning year when they were the highest paid.

    Keith Fler

    And no one on defense actually tackling people helps lol. Pro bowl is half assed for injury protection. Kind of got boring to watch towards the end of the game.

BTS is my Euphoria

Wilson should have played more than Cousins tbh

    Brennan H

    He did

    Don Gato

    @Brennan H A lot more!

Kyle Wardlow

To bad Kirk cousins screwed the rest of the game

The Jack Rabbit

Russell Wilson really wanting to catch the ball

The Pickle zone

Go hawks!

David T

Absolutely painful that we aren’t in the big game this year. Let’s get this defense tightened back up and figure out how to PROTECT RW3. The guy is having his prime yesrs wasted by a coaching staff that plays too conservatively.

    A Fucking Bird

    Still love Schotty

    Keith Fler

    Yes, sucks they are not in the big game, but Nothing is being wasted. They all had a great year given the injury setbacks and they still made the playoffs. Take your bucket of salt to another team. Seattle doesn’t like overly salted fan bois….🤣🤣🤣🤪

Karen Setzer

Russell Wilson….flat out awesome 😎

Kimmytrumpisno 476

RIP Kobe🙏

Tim Butler

Hopefully he can recruit some free agents to coming to play in front of the 12’s. Lord knows we need a little help ya. Go Hawks


Russell’s professionalism since long before he entered the NFL and his easy manner and endless encouragement of others does All Americans proud. Go Hawks.


Thats my quarterback


And when this happened Kobe died , that’s legit sad 😢🏀❤️



Oof Oof

1:05 brees boy tryin to find his dads second super bowl ring 😂😂

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