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Russell Wilson Mic’d Up at 2020 Pro Bowl Practice Day One

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is mic'd up during the first day of practice at the 2020 Pro Bowl in Orlando.

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Kai Myers

its no accident that Wilson was in-between cousins and drew brees. (to Josiah McGhee im a Seahawks fan I was referencing that cousins beat drew head to head in the playoffs. I love russ bruh)

    TheBakkendChild No Cap

    Kai Myers wym??

    Josiah McGhee

    @TheBakkendChild No Cap he just a Russ hater

    Forza Bruhh

    @Josiah McGhee Mfs act like we haven’t smacked drew in the mf playoffs lmaoo , I’d take russ over any QB ever


    They all lost to the niners.

Daniel Song

Russ better be recruiting players out there to join Seattle

    Shirley Mann

    He recruited Kamara apparently

    RoyalShook 2k

    He need to recruit a whole line my guy 😭😢


    @RoyalShook 2k it must auto corrected to ment to say Oline or whole oline

    Mini Mutt

    I think Russ is always recruiting. I think that’s one reason he goes to these things and participates so much.

    Trevor Herberg

    @Vikingsfan1961 oh a very good game i thought yall would comeback. i love kirk he just never had talent with the redskins that is why he was bad but hes got great targets now and in his third year i wouldnt be surpirsed to go all the way and win the sb also i really wanted vikings and hawks in the nfc champs

SPORTY Grayson

Let’s go hawks Russ is the MVP


Let’s go NFC let’s win it



Magic Man509

Russ has such an incredible energy. It’s no wonder he carries such a huge load on offense.


    we have one of the finest run games.

    Tyler Molia

    @TerrorWest Yeah but we run the ball too much, even when the run isn’t working we just run it. Wasting Rusell Wilson’s prime. That’s why we are always winning close games.

Vihan Acharya

Russel is the GOAT

Tay Francis

He’s havin nothing but fun out there! That’s my QB!! Go Hawks!

A Fucking Bird

It low-key frustrates me because I know Russ doesn’t want to be there. We’ll do better next season! Although I do like seeing players greet and have fun with each other.

    zudde - Madden Mobile

    it’s not that he doesn’t want to be there it’s that he would rather be in the super bowl but the pro bowl is still fun

    Owen Cameros

    Jeez you scared me I thought you meant he didn’t want to be in Seattle I got scared

BTS is my Euphoria

Kinda wish that were playing in the Super Bowl

    deadshotkiller -


    d Con

    I wish helluh bad

    Ya boi JJ

    BTS is my Euphoria KINDA????? Stop playin I’d give my left nut to be in the big dance


    I’d sacrifice my life for the hawks to play in the sb

Cory Campbell

Russell Wilson will be back next year for the Super Bowl and the Seattle Seahawks




    we got 69 mil in cap space and 8 first round picks. other teams better watch out.


    @hebe why?

    toby hockenbury

    @mcfrickenwatcher Russ Is now in his prime. Seattle’s going to be fire next year, and I didnt even think they were going to be at the start of last season.


I see Pete back there talking up players haha.

    Yochan Hwang



    HawkingRegime I thought it looked like Pete was talking to himself a few times 🤣😂🥳🤣

    Dillon Buckingham

    I hope hes in the ears of some of these pro bowl corners and ends 👀


    @IndigoBellyDance Pete is always talking to himself hahaha


    @Dillon Buckingham Yesirrr I need some pass rushers for our Hawks!


Pretty mad that DK Metcalf ain’t in the pro bowl

    Appa Yipp Yipp

    @legnv 3rd

    Appa Yipp Yipp

    @mcfrickenwatcher Terry mclaurin has the same amount of receptions for more yards on less targets.

    Dorian Creagh

    @Appa Yipp Yipp yea mclauren. Metcalf. Aj brown. 2 ofem from MS

    Hank Schrader

    @mcfrickenwatcher hell yea!!!!

    Hank Schrader

    @The Jack Rabbit yeah they may as well not wear helmets and play flag football on the pro bowl


When Russ was talking to Devante Adams😂😂

long live king james

Russ is such a positive and great guy. I hope he wins more rings.

Davin G.

10 years from now- ” DId you now Russell Wilson is in the pro bowl this year?” Me- “When isn’t he?”😂

    Azzad Underwood II

    Passerby- “When he’s in the Superbowl!”


    he isn’t in the pro bowl when the seahawks go to the superbowl like they will next year

blisterypoet Estrada

Russ is the most chill and coolest athlete I know and most competitive

Brian E

A snapshot of what it is that I’ve loved about this guy from the moment he entered the first preseason game of 2012. He lives, eats, and breathes that positive, upbeat, nothing-we-can’t-do persona, because it’s real. He’s the real deal. An old soul; he was probably born 30 years too late. He has a maturity and character rarely seen from a pro athlete, and he’s an obvious reflection of his dad and how he was raised. His Faith has gotten him where he is and he’ll be the first to admit it. ‘Way back he confessed that he wasn’t always a fine, upstanding citizen; but when he got in touch with his Faith he looked all that stuff square in the eye, admitted it, and vowed to do whatever was necessary to atone for it and be someone he and his Maker could be proud of. He’s done that, and that’s part & parcel of why I admire him as a player and as a person.

ItzVenom LIS

“I was about to come back on yall”

    DeJay Meyer

    He’s not wrong LOL!


No one:
Russ: whattup baby

Karl Patrick Cruz

3:28 that lil kid showin his moves lol

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