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Logan Swenson

Great season hawks! Didn’t expect to make the playoffs before the season started but we went on a good run! There is always next year and I can’t wait to see what we do! Also mad respect for the packers, they played a great game! Go Hawks!!!


Wilson can only do so much. Seattle management hasn’t been able to replace the Legion Of Boom.

    WS 95

    A Carson, Lockett or metcalf dont block for wilson.. You need an Oline

    LeBron 3 Finals MVP

    In defense of the defense, Ken Norton Jr is predictable…..his play calling and strategy….That last play to end the game he had Wagner blitz on 3rd and 9 which left the middle of the field wide open…then on another 3rd down he had rookie amadi on davontae Adams…lol I mean then vs the cowboys last year he called a horrible stunt on 3rd down..NFL might be rigged tho I don’t get it

    LeBron 3 Finals MVP

    @Karl Patrick Cruz the need a coordinator the guys have to be put in the right place


    @Lettuce Man no he deserves that money. wilson was the reason seattle is even a winning team and he was making less than 600k per year for his entire carrer before this new contract.

Danyal Chauhan

He carried us all season. Thanks for everything Russ.

    King Niggaz


    Israel P

    I love Russel Wilson. The greatest improvisational qb who’s ever lived.

Tyron Wells

If only their RBs didnt get hurt

    Cullen Rollo

    Cormel wtf no one expects 3 starting rbs to get season ending injuries. No gm in the league signs 6 rbs


    Right.. Like 3 running backs shouldn’t be enough??

    Rae Yeo

    kaung sinthein
    Now now, no need to get rude here. Just very unfortunate situation we have here

    L R

    running back receiver offensive lineman linebackers tight end all hurt 😞 literally all at the end of the year .

Leon R

Y’all wasted no time getting this up😂 great season.


    They already have it que’d that’s why!

    arfsnm dgn


    Werdna Swag

    Almost like they expected packers to win cause it was idk maybe rigged?👀👀🤣

DominoPerson 5

Russel Wilson is something else man! Future hall of famer if he keeps playing like this.

    King Asaad

    WS 95 Factual. I think he’ll win at least two more rings tho. He’s that good. Just need a competent defense and they have to tweak the o line and play calling👌

    Mathias Manish

    He’s already a Hall Of Famer 🤔

    William Wright

    if? you a clown


Greatest Undersized QB ✅
Greatest African-American QB ✅
Greatest Seahawks QB ✅
Greatest Mobile QB ✅

Really wanted Wilson to win this game and possibly face Mahomes to move up in mosts All-Time rankings, great season but hopefully he can get it done next season. Heartbreaking loss for him I have to imagine 💯.

    Pat K

    @Lexington Leffall Russell Wilson is better than Drew Brees. It may be hard to hear but at in every single game Russell Wilson gives you a better chance at winning the game than Brees done if we compare their primes (Brees around 2010-2011 and Russell now)

    Lexington Leffall

    Pat K you lost me at Russell Wilson is better than Drew Brees


    Lexington Leffall I agree but it’s closer than you think.


    Lexington Leffall he is definitely the best black QB. Culpeper, Cunningham, Moon, McNair, Mcnabb were good but Russell is better. Seriously look at all their stats.

Steve Phill

The NFL be so shady sometimes 😂👌


he deserves mvp one man team

    WS 95

    Smith Gamer 56 Bobby couldnt stop offenses but he made plays!

    WS 95

    Eshwar tangirala None of those guys block for him… hes a one man team


    @Eshwar tangirala are you fucken stupid?

Pele Mcc

I know the MVP belongs to Lamar but if there was a runner up, Wilson would be the one. Thanks for an incredible season!


    You mean “runner up”??

    arfsnm dgn


    Pele Mcc

    @wpjohnston0213 yup, I did. My bad, thanks for the heads up


He’s the definition of a motor. All the QBs that usually win bc their team is good can’t hold a candle to someone who practically is the team. He creates plays and wins like no other player we’ve ever seen. Ability for ability, stat for stat and impact for impact it’s hard for me to name 5 other guys in the history of the game that can compete with this guy. He’s the most underrated QB possibly ever.

    Jensen Anderson

    Cormel closest I can think of is Michael Vick

    Steven Nacino

    Jensen Anderson plz tell me your joking

    arfsnm dgn

    @Steven Nacino

    Pat K

    @Jensen Anderson I don’t think he is underrated. I think everyone understood his talent. He just underperformed in his career and part of the reason was because teams didn’t build around their quarterbacks like they do now


    Pat K underperformed!? Check the numbers. Russ has BEEN legit and been a top 5 QB for longer than he’s been given credit for.


Russel Wilson deserves to be the mvp over Lamar Jackson from a packers fan. Dude cant be stopped

    Pat K

    J appreciate you saying that. Lamar doesn’t carry the team on his back like Russ does

    Pat K

    @A Yes but they mean for the regular season. And if you had an MVP for the regular season and up to the divisional you would give it to Wilson over Henry. But yes, Playoffs alone, Henry gets it

    Pat K

    @Coral A huge amount of those yards were in garbage time. And don’t forget he got stopped on 4th down 2-3 times


    Ibrahim Barry 1 real int (the other one was off a tipped pass) and one blindside strip sack. if tannehill actually had double digit passing attempts he would have turned the ball over even more.

Varun Vemuri

Why are we running the ball with Wilson behind center

    Werdna Swag

    Varun Vemuri Homer was pretty good as a 4th string RB and playing his first game week 17, but if youre comparing to the previous games as well, Carson was probably a top 10 RB this year and Penny would be up there too if he got moe play time

    Pat K

    I agree I think we need to make the offense a little more pass heavy than it is. He is deadly

    sparda Hellkin

    @Werdna Swag homer can start next year but not as RB primarily . have to find some other use for him

Process of Elimination

Russell Wilson should have been the MVP. Ol’ Pete needs to focus on the defense..those 3rd downs oh my god!!

    WS 95

    He needs to get a oline first… and than get some DB’s

    Livingthat Twelvelife

    Seriously. Other than the one where Jimmy Graham was obviously short, the defense could NOT get off the field on 3rd down last night. I was pulling for Flowers all season, but at this point I think we have seen his best and we need to take a top-tier corner in the draft. Trevon Diggs from Bama or Paulson Adebo are both intriguing prospects, and Pete can work on the finer points of either of their games. If they refuse to draft a CB that high, Reggie Robinson from Tulsa, Stanford Samuels III from FSU or Lamar Jackson from Nebraska would be good late-round picks and would benefit from Pete’s coaching. In fact, specifically links Jackson to a Seahawks-style scheme. 6’3″, 215, long, physical corner, does that ring any bells?


Low key thought we were gonna come back

    Logan Simpkins

    If turner didn’t drop that pass the outcome would have drastically changed


    @Logan Simpkins I said the same thing. But our secondary has to get better asap. Devante Adam’s & others killed us all season.

    Logan Simpkins

    @1-800-Wavy yep had to rely on lockett and wilson all game long

    arfsnm dgn


    King Asaad

    Logan Simpkins That drop was crucial😭

Process of Elimination

Malik Turner dropped a crucial first down pass on a drive that would have put Seattle in the lead late in the 4th…whyyyy Malik?!

    Jahden Gregg

    @The Second can’t blame everything on malik. blame the offense in the first half. Blame the defense on 3rd downs. 1 drop doesn’t change the whole game because we could’ve fumbled or turned the ball over

    Logan Simpkins

    @Jahden Gregg it really does that 1st down would have changed the outcome by a huge out amount being around the 50 and having bout 2 mins or so left by the time they could have scored the clock would be ran down

    King Niggaz

    @The Second

    King Niggaz

    @Jahden Gregg

Alec Copeland

I’d imagine his knees hurt from carrying the Seahawks on his back this season.


    Alec Copeland meh.. they had a top 5 rushing offense tho..

    WS 95

    WK GAMING because russell wilson…..


100% MVP Lamar had a whole team that was really good . My boy Russ had him himself and him straight up. Without him we’d be nothing

    arfsnm dgn

    @Smith Gamer 56

    bb Bloodsaw

    If chris carson was healthy when he was he is a beast

    WS 95

    Smith Gamer 56 Bobby wagner is great but teams were putting up hella points on our defense and wilson kept us in there!! ONE MAN TEAM

    Smith Gamer 56

    @arfsnm dgn E

    flipthegoat TBG

    He had D.k Metcalf he had Carson Tyler Lockett and they had a good bck up running bck. boby Wagner Clowney

Ricardo Masvidal

I’m happy that’s my quarterback. Were never out of a game with him. Can’t wait for next year

Trent Hancock

Could’ve just called this “Seahawks 2019 highlights”

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