Roethlisberger rehab update, Canada hired as QBs coach, Shell to HOF, Haden to Pro Bowl – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Roethlisberger rehab update, Canada hired as QBs coach, Shell to HOF, Haden to Pro Bowl

This week:
🔘 #Steelers President Art Rooney II provides update on Ben Roethlisberger’s injury
🔘 Matt Canada hired as quarterbacks’ coach
🔘 Donnie Shell elected to the @ProFootballHOF
🔘 Joe Haden named to the #ProBowl

Missi Matthews brings you all of the #Steelers news of the week.

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Should have just skipped the nonsense and made Canada OC.

    Intellectual One

    @jw1 Think about it. Your team would be rebranded as the Shitsburgh Pipsqueaks and you would be known as a pipsqueaker.

    So you have three naming options:
    Shitsburgh Brown Turds
    Shitsburgh Pipsqueaks
    Shitsburgh Child Predators

    Pick wisely. 😂😂😂

    Adam Jada

    @Intellectual One haters gonna hate 🙂 Im sure you are a ravens fan too

    Intellectual One

    @Adam Jada Why would I be a dirty Ratbird fan? Ew gross. I must say, though, that even Ratbird fans come with more morals than Squealers fans.

    Charity Brown

    Exactly 💯

Willie Mearis

Go Steelers


SB 2020-21

    Intellectual One


    And I’m a Playboy billionaire too. Hey, while we’re all dreaming and having made up magical fairy tales, I’m the King of Wakanda and you’re my loyal servant boy.

    Dmeads 56

    This guy has no friends 😂 ^^^

Ayee Lii

Our offense disappointed dis year we need a OC

    Alex 51

    Ayee Lii last year it didn’t and we had the same oc

    Super Imaginator

    Saiki -3- mason Rudolph Is good, he was only bad after he had an injury, he was scared, and when he came in for the jets he played good, just got injured

    Ryan Maliek

    Ayee Lii It was such a weird year too. Every possible thing that could go wrong did.

    Malik ElcoSS454

    @Saiki -3- ; Mason was good first half 2019 until he got hurt late season why Duck had to take Mason place Steelers need another 3rd string QB someone around 27-31 age.

    Ryan Maliek

    Alex 51 Also had AB and a healthy Connor.

sons of liberty

People need to keep in mind that ben not being in hurt the line. He helps point out blitzer’s and assignments. This offence is going to rip next season with him back. All of the wr grew a lot this yr. And rumor has it they were looking at te 2nd rd because of the big te class this yr and then 3rd taking kj hammler. I think they need to start rebuilding the o line with decastro type picks to avoid age loss over the next 5 yrs, but kj is extremely illusive and with someone working with him on hands could be huge in the return game and it would be like having 2 dj on the field. Rb is set, I’d love to see Conner stay healthy but snell and whyte can carry the load if needed because the passing game will be insane with all of these young wr coming of age.

    Michael Martin

    you sound like you think decastro type players are plentiful….. they arent !

    sons of liberty

    @Michael Martin that’s why I said to start now. If they start now they may be able to get one. Tackles are a little easier than guards and centers. I know they don’t have a 1st rd pick unless they make another trade but they better be looking now for the middle 3 line positions. They have 3 yrs or less to get a center, 5 to 7 to obtain 2 guards. Ramon is gone I think and Finney will probably take over. Center is an absolute need right now to be groomed for that role. Imo they never should have let Jesse James walk, should have cut McDonald instead. Dupree will sign but at the cost of hargrave (I hope not) they may try to trade tuitt because alualu played so well to save money, idk but i do know that line needs addressed if they plan on keeping a top notch line in the future.

    Party Lee007

    sons of liberty That’s positive thinking all right but we don’t know what Bens arm is going to be like now. He might be done, we have to wait and see on that.

    sons of liberty

    @Party Lee007 he will be fine, pitchers come back from a very similar surgery 2x. They put way more strain on than a qb. They’re throwing over 90mph 100x every 5 to 6 days. He throws like 20x on Tuesday, 0 on wed, 20, Thursday and Friday, and maybe 10 on Saturday. Then game day. Very rarely do position players have this injury and they throw more than he does. The tommy John is a much worse surgery than this one but very similar in procedure. He has to be throwing a nerf ball by now just not above half speed. Just to keep the other tendons and ligaments loose. I think his injury affects the 2nd half of the throw, from just before release to deceleration. Remember he has never practiced in the offseason, ever. Only if a new wr wanted to run some routes for a couple days to get accustom to things. This might make him better. The only thing I’m worried about is him not being able to throw 70 yds in the air. Teams are going to force him to take long shots the first few games to see if they have to cover deep. If he has the deep ball it’s game on.

Palace Of Wisdom

They need to sign a journeyman like Fitzmagic for insurance, because I don’t buy for a second that Ben will start 16 games next season.


    Palace Of Wisdom. absolutely. ive been saying that last two years. he would be perfect fit for the team and the town

    Intellectual One

    Yeah. Rape season is in middle of the football season for him. That’s at least a month off right there.

    Palace Of Wisdom

    @Intellectual One You’re a serial killer. I have no actual proof, but an accusation equals guilt, so please turn yourself in.

    Intellectual One

    @Palace Of Wisdom How many Squealers fans does it take to change a light bulb?

    None. They like the lights off when they rape their victims.

    Captain Danger

    @Michael Martin Hodges was a gimmick and that he played over his head here and there was the only reason the Steelers had any shot at all. Trading Dobbs was the biggest mistake. I’m not sure he’d have fared better, but he knew the system. The Steelers were crippled by injuries. They showed a lot of heart.

Don Quixote

Shell was overdue, Tony Dungy has always maintained that he should be recognized. Seems back then, if you made it past the Steel Curtain, and Lambert & Co., the DBs made you pay dearly…

    Party Lee007

    Don Quixote yeah they did 👍 you had to keep your head on a swivel going up against the Steeler defense in the 70s or get it taken off.

Mario Mario Lemieux

Fire Fichtner. Do it today.

    Daevon Hamilton

    Right now today*kevin gates voice

Ellie Gonzales

@jw1 Fichtner is a joke. Dude can’t game plan for having 2 rookie QB’s forced to come in…changes most high school coaches are capable of implementing. He almost got Rudolph killed with his deep drop pass play calls KNOWING opposing D’s would be coming full steam for the rookie…twice calling for deep drops with Rudolph in the end zone with 2 safeties as a result….sheer idiocy. Put Hodges in the exact same position with Hodges luckily escaping at times as he is a bit more mobile. I was praying he would be fired by now…of course not, because with Tomlin ” The standard is the standard.” yeah, and the standard is mediocrity stepping over into pure incompetence at times.

Kill Locc

Where tf was the update on ben

Legend Troy

Please big Ben come back . Get healthy.

Richard Cisneros

STEELERS, the first team to get 4 SUPER BOWLS, the first to get to 6 SUPER BOWLS, the first to get back to back TWICE and 4 SUPER BOWLS in 6 years, WHAT A HISTORY

Teilhard Omega

Give us Jameis.

Gregory Tucker

What about Elsie Greenwood and Andy Russell? Both deserving members of the Hall of Fame, how can the captain of the Super Bowl champion Steel Curtain not be in the Hall of Fame

Shawn Gilbert

Steelers go 11-5 in 2020. Remember, defense win championships. Offense will vastly improve with Ben back under center. Steelers need a power back that is not injury prone.

    Ryan Maliek

    Shawn Gilbert Plus 1/2 the team was injured off and on all year. Lost Ben and Tuitt in the 2nd & 4th games. Also had Connor, Juju, Snell, Washington, Nix, and Samuels throughout various parts of the year for multiple games. This just wasn’t our year.

Clay Bolton

He’s easily in his rapesburger he should have been cut after his second win in Super Bowl with what he done he can never win again he like back door kobi


If Ben wants to win anything this year he needs to take a substantial pay cut

George Washington

I am glad to see Donnie Shell finally getting into the Hall of Fame. That’s something that should have happened a good 25 years ago.

Kynx Aesthetic

I’m confused on why COPPA went after this channel. :/

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