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Evan Moyer


    Ali Muhammad

    Dallas blowing out this practice squad team

DMoneySavage23 Lucero

Love You Nelly Way to Handle the Media 100% Real Genuine personality don’t ever get down an Out Nelly Stay humble My G your too BLESSED and CAPABLE OF SO MUCH MORE can’t wait til you get back on the Field Nelson”Aggy” AGHOLOR 💚💚💚

    Ali Muhammad

    Dallas will definitely win the east now philly playing with practice squad players dak gone feast like always on philly skins pull the upset also its over practice squad players winning the east philly fans cant believe that

    Travis Smith

    Ali Muhammad we’ll see buddy

Kyle Zirpolo

McLoud showed his true colors on the play he quite on after he got burned! At least Darby didn’t give up!!

    Dominique Ballou

    You dont know football so plz shut up it was a simple cover 3 the fs has hook/curl zone and Darby had deep qt

    Kyle Zirpolo

    @Stephen White I get it, he still quit!

    Stephen White

    Kyle Zirpolo obviously not obviously you just clinging on to your own narrative nobody quit Rodney has been the only consistent player in the secondary

    Travis Smith

    We’re all eagles fans guys..we just want to see our team succeed 🦅🦅

Shot Kalah

pls DONT bring back nelson…

    Aaron Alaniz

    only way we bring him back next year is if he takes 1-3mill..

    Shot Kalah

    would rather us just not even bring him back at all… both he and the team need to start fresh

    Ali Muhammad

    Dallas gonna blowout philly practice squad team thats all i no…

    Shot Kalah

    Yeah aight..

Dominique Ballou

This game proved Alshon has been the problem with his lack of chemistry with Wentz

    Jd Jd


    Ali Muhammad

    Yall trippin giants beating philly in met life an dallas blowing out this practice squad team lets be real its over

    Markel Payne

    Ali Muhammad ok “Muhammad Ali”

    Ali Muhammad

    @Markel Payne we must see i dont like Dallas i jus see how badly Philly is injured

    Travis Smith

    Ali Muhammad STFU and let me guess your a cowgirl fan

John Lancaster

All anyone wants is for you to play harder than the other teams. If you lose because of inferior talent than so be it.

gael garcia

Dallas still needs to win their games. We will see how that turns out

G Code 609

Greg Ward been a beast , check the Houston tape…💯


8:08 – “were you surprised at what Boston Scott could do?….. “No. We see that everyday *in practice* .”

Well, it would have been nice for US to have seen it every week instead of him sitting on the bench. What on earth??? I’m so mad Rodney said that, actually. Coaching staff!!!

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