Rodney McLeod: Eagles Have Been in “Playoff Mode” for a Month | Eagles Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Rodney McLeod: Eagles Have Been in “Playoff Mode” for a Month | Eagles Press Pass

Hear from Philadelphia Eagles players Brandon Graham, Rodney McLeod, Dallas Goedert, and more following Thursday's practice.

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Baker Man

Hi Im the biggest eagles fan ever!

    Bayli YouTube show

    Baker Man bro me too

    Baker Man

    Bayli YouTube show I’m So Excited For The Seattle Game Because If We Win We Get D-Jax Back!

    Travis Crump

    @Baker Man regardless of what happens I’m extremely proud of our team.

    Baker Man

    @Travis Crump good me too.

    Cambo Rambo

    No youre not. Its me!

Tad Mamba

Play y’all role we will win fly eagles fly


Fly Eagles Fly🦅🔥🔥🦅

Juan English

Us vs Us mentality 😈 be the best person for your role

Loyal Philly fan

Facts! We didn’t even lose in December. 🦅


    Loyal Philly fan lost to dolphins December 1


    @middledegroffchild That happened on November 31st, lol

Daz Dealz

Man the past couple weeks this Defense has been playing Eagles Football. #55 Once doubted now Eagles royalty Love BG


Love how Brandon always answers questions with shirt off haha


Duke is so humble … lol


ATTENTION EAGLES FRONT OFFICE, pay Malcolm Jenkins. He deserves the money. He has taught the new kids how to play lights out. Orlando Scandrick pissed him off and he has brought it every game. I have loved my EAGLES for 42 years, I know talent and he and CraVon are the real deal. Smart football players

    kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

    Ikr damn they haven’t pay my guy man

    Promotional Use only

    Hell naw he was the reason we lost big games he had too make up for him he is getting old time too move on

    Mir Dubya

    @Promotional Use only because he’s getting old isn’t a reason to not bring him back we did that with Dawkins


    Promotional Use only
    You don’t give him a new contract, he already restructured his contract to bring in more team members, all he’s saying is add some more money to his kiddo. I’m down with that because he’s the only one keeping the newbie s straight.


    Mir Dubya , he’s under contract, he’s just asking for a little more because he restructure his contract to help pay others and I’m glad he did.

Husa Berg


DMoneySavage23 Lucero

Its Always Good to get back at A Team that Got You. – Duke riley 2020


Brandon Graham in beast mode.

Twon Jones

36 minutes.. the playoff hype is real!


the team is finally firing on all cylinders… the offense is finally giving the defense a reason to be out there putting in 110% effort, and dougs huge nuts is holding it all together.

Shot Kalah

happy for duke! get dat shmoney boah$$$

LEGO Boy Fanatic


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