Rod Woodson’s Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Speech in 2009 | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
George Washington

Rod Woodson’s speech was great! This speech is what people need to hear right now with what’s going on in this world! 👍

    il ross



    Totally agreed!

    George Washington

    @il ross then you must be a racist 👎

Larry DeLong

To my Brother Rod Woodson,
Many, many years ago, I set up a meeting with YOU at the, “Woodson Bar n Grill” at the Point Plaza in The Great City Of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
I had a New Magnetic Therapy, Nikon Magnetics!!! On that gut wrenching day, after going to the game at Three Rivers Stadium. I ventured to Your Restaurant. Your Brother Joe came to see me. I was sent to the Bar and was asked what I wanted to order, ON THE HOUSE!!! I Ordered some Wings and a Beer. Which were Amazing!!!
Soon after the game, which our Great Steelers Won! I waited to meet One Of My Favorite Pittsburg Steelers Players, Rod Wilson!!!
I was told you were held up and would be quite awhile before Rod Wilson would be arriving! Devastated, I told your Brother that I had some Nikon Magnetic Therapy Products that I wanted you to Try To Help Increase Your Healing Process of Your Injury To Get You Available For The Playoffs! I left about, $250 Worth of products which Your Brother, Joe, promised to give to You.
From the News Reports, Apparently…. You Teied Out The Products!!! Which helped get you heading to a Healing Process on your Knee Injury!!!
I Never Heard From You or Your Brother! LOL
You went on to the San Francisco Forty Niners!! I was Bummed Out, But Happy For YOU!!
From Franklin, Pennsylvania
Larry DeLong


Greatest DB all-time for Pittsburgh! Let’s Go Steelers!!!

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