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Robby Anderson’s Incredible TD Catch in Double Coverage!

Robby Anderson lays out and somehow grabs the touchdown pass from Sam Darnold in double coverage. The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the New York Jets during Week 16 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Arsh Johri


Larry Legend is a GOAT

Titans fans probably want the jets to win this game more than jets fans

    Wes Logan


    The Great One

    @Real Talk QB is the biggest part of your team my point still stands you admit they dont have 1 .

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Real Talk yeah but you kinda need a QB to succeed

    Benjamin Ehrlich

    Broken King would you keep a guy who always seems high and acts like he rules the world?

    Benji Arehart

    Haha! You may be right. Titans fan.

daily fortnite is the best

steelers is my team

    Arsh Johri

    daily fortnite is the best they’re gonna be out of the playoffs


Wow if my Steelers end up losing this game. The playoffs are right there for the taking. GO STEELERS!!!

    The Great One

    I would rather see titans get in

    n!x theobserver

    @The Great One so

    Benjamin Ehrlich

    Yeah we not making the playoffs see ya next year

Josue Tejada

Bell gonna be jumping with joy if the Jets win this game

    Benjamin Ehrlich

    He hasn’t tried all season he was saving his energy for this game

    rumich hg

    he wants to come back to pittsburgh so hes gonna try to look good today

    Benjamin Ehrlich

    rumich hg no thanks we have enough rbs

    Benjamin Ehrlich

    Carlos Macias I get the strange feeling you don’t watch steeler games

harold mccoy

What was Edmunds doing ?? Dude is a liability !!!

    Derrick Cromartie

    Haden needs to leave as well

    TheBig Man

    Derrick Cromartie Haden is good, Edmonds fault.

    Go Steelers

    It’s Edmunds fault not hadens Edmunds sucked all season long he’s showing no sign of developing

Michele Monae

That ball did not look catchable. Great play!


    Then u blind that pass was perfect



Austin Felts

Who else can’t watch the game??????

    delilah garcia

    Damn BS!🤬

    Steven Conrad


    Carlis Mcclanahan

    Nope, in the Midwest

    Go Steelers

    Can’t cus of the fkn Ravens and browns sitting here watching Lamar Jackson throw to his tight end on the same route how entertaining


Benji Arehart

Jets. Please beat the Steelers today! Titans fan rooting you guys on.

    Brian Higgins

    F u

    Brian Higgins

    I am a Steelers fan

Casper 'the racist' Ghost

Go Mason! Defense was on its heels 1st Jet drive. But Tomlin was quick & correct to go back to Mason. Now back to even boys. Win that 2nd half

josh posey

Baby Ochocinco…

Miro Reynoso

Randy fichtner needs to go! Should have kept Haley!!

Josh Grilley

I’m mad

George Wilson

Get this win Steelers

BrathaEx Christ Saves

Why is the game put on delayed right now?????

Brandon Breaux

Jets win = Hines Ward Gatorade Shower

C Ramirez

98th komment

Cathy Young

Let’s Go Steelers!

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