Robby Anderson Press Conference (12/30) | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
- thebigOM

I get it Robby go get your pay day bro!! It’s been fun man. Sucks Sam loses his best WR. Jets will have to bang on a WR to pan out in the draft or else ooowwwweeeee

Mit Flair

They should have locked him up earlier. Do your thing Robby.

Jean Vieira

Hope he does get paid.

Power in Truth

Bye Robby!


    He’s leaving?

    Jaden Bartlett

    @LyleTheEgg most likely I dont see us paying him 10 mil a year

Joshua Gonzalez

I hope they resign him, you know.

ste s

Bye bye thug


How much do you think he is wurf?

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