‘Right-handed Steve Young?’ Finding the right comps for Drew Lock | Broncos Country Tonight – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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NRGMrfresh Asian Reply

First one to like

Eli Reply

Second to comment

    Yeti Reply

    @Richard Maki give him the silver. They did a great thing….

Jeremy Linthicum Reply

Can I get a holla from my fellow Bronco fans?!!!! DB4L

Oh! Janice Reply

Gotta agree with Shelby Harris, Lock always reminded me of Favre.

    Au H2O Reply

    Lock is like a more charismatic Rodgers. Jake Plummer was like Favre, a lot more wild…and a lot more interceptions.

Steve Burrows Reply

I think tony romo. And I’m fine with that (minus the injuries). Obviously if he ends up like favre or young then that’s amazing too

Damon Orr Reply

I see a mix of drew brees, steve young, and Montana

Dex000 Reply

Mahomes is the most overrated QB I’ve ever seen.

    DAN Tu Reply

    @martin araujo agreed, Mahomes is the only QB that has a realistic chance at breaking Manning 5500yard 50TD year

    Ahsoka Tano Reply

    I totally agree. He isn’t anything incredible, his receivers are what are make the team so good, and make him look so good.

    Dex000 Reply

    @martin araujo No, he isn’t, and he won’t. That’s the thing. The NFL is desperate for a new generation of elite QB’s, and they must’ve sent out a memo telling everyone to pump up Mahomes, but it doesn’t fit. He’s obviously a good QB, but he’s not THAT good. He is in a perfect system, and he’s on an offense that is loaded at every position. Thats the biggest reason they won the super bowl. Don’t believe what they’re telling you about Mahomes, watch the videos. He’s not even close to players like Manning or Elway or Favre or Montana or Marino. Not even close.

    Dex000 Reply

    @Ahsoka Tano Exactly.

    Dex000 Reply

    @DAN Tu He better do it this year, because after this season they’re going to have to pay him to match his undeserved hype, and then they won’t be able to afford any other players. We’ll see how he looks throwing to B and C level receivers behind a patchwork O line… My guess, he’s Derek Carr V 2.0. I can’t wait to hear how they try to convince fans that he’s still elite when the Chiefs go 4-12 every year.

Jodi Logans Reply

Reminds me of Aaron Rodgers

Charles Brown Reply

Can we please just start the season all these guessing & expectation shows our getting boring . I mean hey Allbright what do you think Lock ate for breakfast . I dunno maybe raisin bran . No how about eggs & bacon . He throws like a eggs & bacon guy .

    Ahsoka Tano Reply

    Then stop watching them, you dweeb.

TorezPc Reply

Locks a mix of Matt Stafford and Jay cutler. Huge arm. Can throw it better than most people. Above athletic for his size and posisition. Neither is a bad comp by any means. Jay cutler could have been a good QB in Denver if it weren’t for his attitude. Stafford has been in the league for a while and been hyper productive. Detroit never had the team Denver can have this year.

Milehighbeauty Reply

I dislike the comparisons i want lock to be lock

Calvin Prussic Reply

He reminds me of Cam Newton

Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010 Reply

Plays like Cam Newton

    Ahsoka Tano Reply

    Nah, Lock is not a man child.

Max Power Reply

Matt Stafford

yulia wati Reply

I think broncos need to prepare lock to Run too. His young and have enough agility. just to give a bit of surprise for the defense 🙏

Jim Richard Reply

Interesting discussion. This Albright guy is a know it all and no fun at all. Its perfectly natural to comp Drew Lock right now just because we don’t know much about how he will develop. Hopefully he will be like one of the stars mentioned but noone knows so it is fun to speculate. Not sure how Mahomes will age yet either but he certainly has shown the ability to step up and perform at the highest level which might be more important than talent. I for one am glad to have such a likable and athletic guy at the helm of the Broncos offense. Haven’t had that combo really since Elway. Now bring on the season already.

J Landon Reply

On paper this Bronco offence looks unstoppable. But is it? We don’t know yet. When Drew came in late last season he may have been the only QB in the N|FL that wasn’t banged up. Can he win banged up? Does he have a Elway, Brady refuse to lose attitude?

J Landon Reply

This can’t be taught it’s in you when you’re born or it’s not. It’s like soldiers more than anything else. And only these QB”s go to the hall of fame.

J Landon Reply

That being said i’m excited for next season. Love the Bronco’s being the underdog that’s when they shine!

J Landon Reply

They love to steal the show!

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