Recapping Coach Harbaugh’s Remarkable Year | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Khiliq Pullen


Yonathan Gonzalez

How is this Harb’s first Coach of the Year? Just goes to show how much the NFL screws with Baltimore

    Louie Jones


Emily K.

Coach of the year!


    mango slug I can tell you’re some salty niners fan “LmAo”

    mango slug

    Dingo 1st in NFC I’m so salty 💀

    Ron Jones

    ​@Hawk 490 based on Sports illustrated John is first with 39 and Kyle is second with 30.

    Ron Jones

    ​@mango slug based on Sports illustrated John is first with 39 and Kyle is second with 30.

    Jordan Davis

    mango slug Yeah you are because you lost to the Ravens. Niners can’t beat the Ravens win it counts 😂

Augie N.

Coach of the year 100% big truss

    Hawk 490

    @Chris Windham no the coach of the 49rs is


    @Hawk 490 do u even know his name?


    Hawk 490 bro shut up this ravens have a better coach then the 49ers do harbaugh has done more than kyle shannahan he made a. whole new playbook that’s a lot of work

    Gmpro420 Gaming

    @Hawk 490 Didn’t that coach lose to the falcons? 😂😂

    Ron Jones

    ​@Hawk 490 based on Sports illustrated John is first with 39 and Kyle is second with 30.

ryan damon

Let go ravens 🖤🖤🖤💜💜💜🏈

Louie Jones

Harbaugh knows what he’s doing #CoachOfTheYear



Victor Pouesi

2012 Super Bowl Champs Ravens should’ve been his first COTY💯


As a steelers fan, a couple of years ago when it was said that he was on the hot seat I was happy because I knew that would of been a huuuuuge mistake. Did not get my wish. Guys work ethic is off the chart looks more like a personal trainer just looking at him!!

    Robert Schwartzback

    AFC North baby! We all know this division comes down to 2 teams. Here’s hoping Big Ben and company come back healthy. Gonna make for some epic games as usual, much respect.


    @Robert Schwartzback Yeah man I am kind of rooting for the ravens. I want the rest of the league to stop thinking the afc north is a joke. It is the most physical division in football because of our two teams!!

    kiyan west

    I would have been mad if they would have fired him he only had one losing season in his career and that was with a bunch of injuries

Nathan Ruggieri

should’ve said ‘the lemarkable year’

Chris Green

Coach of the year!!!!

grim farm

Happy new year to you and all ravens fans!! Go raven’s

Robert Schwartzback

Coach Billick to coach Harbaugh. Ray to Lamar. Newsome to DeCosta. Looking around at the mess many franchises are year after year (right my fellow Wizards and Orioles fans?), it’s been a great decade being a fan of the purple and black. Big Truss!

PlayStation Playboy

Big Truss Festivus


I thought you had a highlight reel ready😢

Ibrahim Ala

Maybe he should give his brother some tips

David Foerster

I am SO grateful for John Harbaugh and this Ravens team we have! Truly blessed! GO RAVENS!!!!

Dean Robin

It’s just funny how many ravens “fans” wanted to see John harbough gone last season… win or lose.. he was always a great coach and I wish he retires as the Ravens HC.. don’t
Wanna See anyone else in that position.


    I know right? Kids play madden and fantasy football and think they know something about the game. Even that fool Rob Long said he would be gone. Morons

aundria 7

#GORAVENS 🖤💜💛🖤💜💛


and yall ravens fans wanted him fired last year. lamar saved his career last year and for sure this year.
flacco was the priob.

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