Reaction to Cam Newton Billboards ‘I Don’t Know Why He’d Be Leaving’ | Carolina Panthers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kenneth Flowers

You know what this season is toast but that’s OK at least we will rebuild next year

    T Thompson

    Kenneth Flowers season been toast.

    M DUBB

    Same thing Miami bn saying…🤦🏾‍♂️…#keeppounding


Man Brian burns better be a starter next season. this is bs

    FaZe R3TR0

    Taqqzii yeah Brian burns a goat

    YO Momma Nigga


    T J

    Dude seems to be getting hurt every game he plays in though.

NintendoSwitch Guy

We have Rain Man 2.0 as coach.

    Priscilla ADDISON- Crosby

    NintendoSwitch Guy 😂 lol


Rubber stamp answers over n over

YO Momma Nigga

Yesssir Cam

William Harris

They need a whole new coaching staff

Tim S

Just a general defeatist attitude!

Kevin Lawrence

If Cam was smart…he’d leave. No way in hell would I suffer all these injuries, potentially overcome them and stick around to be used as a test dummy for a team about to undergo total reconstruction. He deserves a team with above average recievers and a good o line already in place. Not one that’s gotta reshape their entire team just to make that happen.


They really gonna drive this team down into the dirt.

Kyle Phelps

The whole coaching staff needs to be fired ASAP!!!!!!!

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