Ravens Can’t Wait For Primetime Atmosphere in Baltimore | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


Sweat Gang

Ayyyyyyyyye LETS GOOO

Julian Shipp Jr

Told y’all we will hit 100k before Christmas 😂😂😂


    Julian Shipp Jr it’s nice to meet you again ahahahah

    Julian Shipp Jr

    @iElim yessir😂😂😂

    Miles Romo

    Didn’t we have like barely 20k subs before training camp lol


    @Joshua Okparaocha He has 3 games left. That’s about 160 yards a game, I don’t think so. I’d love to see it happen though.


    Julian Shipp Jr lol

Chase wright

Big truss

king shark

11-2 , … on to 12-2 🤞 , we facing greg Williams, he took a close L , last yr with the browns vs us, we shall see which greg come up roses

Greg Williams vs greg Roman.
Close win game, could be a ugly one, but dont care, let’s come out healthy and let’s get in “at all cost” mode for the browns. So we can rest guys vs the Steelers. Kill the browns, yeaaah I’m looking ahead. Lol.

Augie N.

Lamar Jackson for MVP

    Short Bus Pull Up

    Augie N. Short bus pull up

Augie N.

Go Baltimore

Luke Puckett

Can’t wait for the game 😈

Trying to get 10,000 Subs with no vids

Let’s go Finally We Hit 100k Subs With Da Ravens!!!!!!😮🤩

Blade Brown - Put The Bitch On The Phone.

If the Ravens are blowing out the Jets going into halftime, Rotate RGIII and Trace McSorley for the rest of the game.

the legendztruth

We the fans are so proud of our Ravens. They are playing like Ravens and winning like Ravens. You guys have been fun to watch on both sides of the ball and have been putting on a show for us all season. This team has the heart, the will, and the skill to win it all. All of us will be here to watch you do it. Go Ravens!!!

    Oncsimus Shakur

    believe that.


    @Oncsimus Shakur Belee dat*


    So agree this whole squad represents “Play like a Raven”. I haven’t seen this fire and this passion since the 2012 SB winning season!

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🍇🍷🍺That’s GO RAVEN’s……. 👍🙌 Yeah 🍻 Have A Delmarvelous Weekend 🌴 🍇🍷 Cheers Buddy 🍻🍷🍷


I’ll be waiting for y’all on the block. #normajeans #lust

Sam Dath

Glad we pinched the AFC north and a playoff spot go ravens



Yonathan Gonzalez

Let’s make it 3-0 on prime time this season.

Myron McClain

Yessir #bigtruss love my city Baltimore!

The real

I will be at the 50 yard line with front row seats.
Let’s Go Ravens !!!

Ehti Sadiq

Please could you record the player intro’s for the international audience,

I wish i could be a part of the atmosphere, M&T sounds like such a fortress.

Werdna Xela

Flying from Texas to see my first Raven’s game. What a ride it has been this season. Can’t wait!


Never forget when the ravens YouTube channel would get 1.1k views a video before Lamar started

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