#RamsCamp LIVE: Back with coverage at Training Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Gary Mick Donofrio Reply

Go my Rams

Matthew Gudino Reply

Whose House!?


    Sofi……I mean Dodge ram stadium

    Matthew Gudino Reply

    @†RVSTY TEVSPOON† SoFi Stadium

    Unwntd Gah Reply

    Rams house !!💙💛🤍💙💛🤍

OTF Rams Reply

Let’s go Rams let’s get these wins these season players looking healthy seeing what the offense can do.

Neil Gonzalez Reply

Lets gooooooo.

Glenn Gamst Reply

Love my Rams. Been a fan since 1963. I follow them from Rams Central Claremont, CA.

Gamer Boy Reply

Let’s win the NFC West!!Then some.In GOFF we trust….Go RAMS!!

Christopher Carroll Reply

I hope the rams get earl Thomas

    Bruceleeroy #Seekthelight&truth Reply

    Nah our safties are way to solid. We don’t want that ex sea chicken

Bo J. Reply

Man is that really MJD? He’s doing a great job at this stuff. For once not running his mouth about things he doesn’t understand, great breakdowns

Bruceleeroy #Seekthelight&truth Reply

Blessing to be able to play professional football 🏈

    agreensubstance Reply

    Yess, I wish the communist libtard pros would shut up. Kollin cap, richard sherman, even lebron are all poisonous liberals. Crying racism and what not.. when they are clearly blessed. They are the least suppressed people on Earth. Litterally

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