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Reffs Looking For An Excuse

    Hugh G. Rection

    Padre raiders players looking for more ways to play dirty and earn penalty’s

    Amy Johnson

    Thank you



    Don Quist

    Divya Dijay damn you set your alarm for hater o’clock go watch the WNBA

    Samuel Adekola

    Why are they going to LV?

    Kerry Evans

    At least we are not Donkeys..
    Vegas baby…
    Onwards and upwards..

Fingering Things

If only that conversion attempt was successful. It would’ve been a great way to end the Oakland era. Instead it was incomplete, which feels like a perfect summation of the last 15 years for the Raiders.

    Ed Neg



    Damn, would have been good to go out with a win regardless

    Center Court

    Fingering Things I wanted the Raiders to make the playoffs because I thought that they would give New England trouble. I’m a Lions fan but if Jacobs didn’t get hurt and you guys had a different kicker, Carlson isn’t bad, but a liability. You guys would be in the playoffs. But at least it’s Tennessee, every time Pittsburgh goes into fox borough they get destroyed. Also, would’ve been fitting for New England’s dynasty to start and end against Oakland.

    Malik Jones

    Aren’t they “SUPPOSED” to REVIEW every score!!! They robbed us vs Jags too… We must use that 12th pick to TRADE UP or pick a TOP NOTCH WR


    @BroncosBailey ‘99 i mean at least we went to a superbowl in oakland


I’m glad I don’t keep my expectations high for this team, almost two decades and just one winning season 😂 good game Denver tho

    RSB Neon

    @Robby Turner My pfp is literally the Broncos lol.

    Robby Turner

    @RSB Neon whoops i meant to reply to the guy below ya, i hit the wrong person 🤣 i think i even liked your comment first lol

    RSB Neon

    @Robby Turner oh okay


    Diego Aragonez not going to be the same because Tom Brady’s might retire after this season

    Diego Aragonez

    @TRAGEDY TURNED TRIUMPH next year denver is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥

Ronney Augustine

Who else had a heart attack in the final minute?

    Mike L

    why? The Raiders were already eliminated by then.

    The Birds My Word

    Not I… It’s the Raiders on a 2pt it wasn’t going to happen.

    Jeff Garcia

    Ronney Augustine bro u already know

    Jeff Garcia

    JordaniusVonRhod he was the MVP of that game

G-Dub 85

Sheeeeeeit I’d have my bags packed already for Vegas ☠️ too much pooping in the streets in California

    Free Dom

    Stop voting democrat in Cali and things will get better.

    Jack Tate

    @Free Dom You low-wage parasite.

    Jonny Villa

    @TheDarknessOfGames, Vegas is full of homeless and poop too?

    Ed Neg



Imagine missing that 2 pt conversion and field goal lol


    @Tortoise King and made 3 🤷

    Bruce Parkes

    Raiders knew they couldnt make the playoffs anyway, so they tried the 2pt instead of going into OT. Gruden had too many injured players to endure another 5minutes even.

    Bruce Parkes

    @Tortoise King stupid attempt from that far. Should have punted.

    Kevin Santos

    ShayAND1 imagine needing the refs to beat the Raiders lol

    Hugh G. Rection

    Tortoise King yeah but it was a 57 yarder. Carson’s was a 39 yarder. McManus also hit a 49 yarder.

LoNg DoNg DiCk

I remembered when the Raiders were from Oakland

    Red Raptors

    they are??

    Cameron Luer

    @TheBlackoutClan at we still have 3 rings 😱

    George endres

    In my heart,they will always be the Oakland raiders, RNFL


    Raiders are the only franchise to be the home team for 3 different cities : Oakland, Los Angeles, and now Las Vegas.

    Not as think as you drunk I am?

    I want them to stay =(

Logan Donovan

Shelby haris saves the broncos agian

    Nehemiah Howard

    @BroncosBailey ‘99 and cut bolles

    Nak Attack

    @Nehemiah Howard He almost single handedly cost Denver the game.

    Bruce Parkes

    Should never have come to this end. Mcmanus should have punted,and Bolles is a moron who acts like a immature schoolboy. Those penalties will be his downfall.he needs to be cut. He will cost Denver Broncos some close games in 2020.. Lucky they won.


    Learn how to spell before you talk

Post Stalone

I want to see that hit on the guy who got on the field!


    Post Stalone 🤪

    Bruce Parkes

    The security guy got hurt, must have slipped and torn a hamstring.


    lmao right


Shelby Harris does it again!

    Bruce Parkes

    Great player.

Shamar Lewin

The Future is bright for the Raiders and the Broncos, both teams have young talent.

    Shane Oveson

    @Divya Dijay so… Black guys cant think? I always thought they were human beings

    Colin O'Day

    @Divya Dijay Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick. They all have had some amount of sustained success. Mahomes came off an injury and still helped lead the chiefs to the second seed and beat the Ravens this year. The top three Passing Td leaders are black. Including Jameis Winston in 2nd. 6 out of 10 in the top ten for that same stat are black. The NFL is changing and more mobile athletic qbs will take over. Guys built like lamar Jackson would be ideal.

    The following is wrong:

    Who cares

    Trey Sims

    Divya Dijay that was low key racist asl

    Mason Winner

    @Tay-K It Home no hes not he has little to no potential past where he is now and he cant find open receivers.


Raiders thought they were going to the playoffs without a fight


    @CCZ use the refs as the excuse instead of raiders suck

    yeezy less

    Lou Skunt two lousy PI calls that got you guys out of tight spots and two called back TDs that even broncos fans had to admit were bull. If we’re such a poorly coached team, then why didn’t you guys win by 10 opposed to 1? And why was your only TD on a go ahead play from Oakland when they literally pulled their corners off of the field? Lol

    Stetson Meyers

    @GMJ No excuses here penalties need to go way down. Good game Broncos you guys deserve the win… That doesnt mean the Raiders suck tho or are poorly coached. If youre honest with yourself you can conced that we had a good offensive game plan, moved the ball pretty well, and did pretty well on defense. Failed to execute on a couple occasions especially that killer on the goal line but thats football. Just dont lie to yourself and say that Denver demolished or far outplayed the Raiders cuz thats just not the case it was a good game.

    Not as think as you drunk I am?

    @JG TotheMax you acting like the Broncos are better lol

The Carnage

Broncos do shitty around the first half of the season.
Raiders do really good first half of the season.

Broncos started doing good around the second half.
Raiders started doing shitty the second half.

    BroncosBailey ‘99

    The Carnage yup. That’s Denver’s whole season. One half good one half bad, and it flips every now and then which half it is.

    Bruce Parkes

    Drew lock was injured most of the season, so thats explains alot.

    Bruce Parkes

    @BroncosBailey ‘99 don’t forget drew lock only came in late in the year to win them games. Great effort.

Veronica Torres

So we gonna talk about how clutch Shelby Harris always is?

    Mike Hayse

    Pay him what it takes to keep Shelby

    Popmenowboop 2

    Veronica Torres ikr

    Dane Bowen

    I agree – knocking that pass down in a meaningless game took the Raiders from 17 in the draft to 12, a massive swing. Thank you Harris.

    Daniel Gutierrez

    Dane Bowen not just this game.
    He’s been clutch batting passes down all season and last season that’s why he said he’s clutch lol

Jonathan Muldrow

This would have never happened if they started Nate “the great” Peterman.
On to Vegas 2020


    i thought we left this in 2018


    Peterman PROVED an awesome Raider QB performance , Carr had to many YEARS of Chances to prove it Loi .

    Not as think as you drunk I am?

    Carr is not going anywhere


Announcers: “Oh, there’s a penalty against Oakland… Oh, that was a bad call.”
Same Announcers 30 seconds later: “The Raiders are one of the most penalized teams in football. They need to clean that up.”

    A Skewed Chimp

    Both things can be true.


Hamilton and lock lookin good together, I’m excited for next year


    Sutton and the TE’s too

    vascaino depreciativo

    Bradley chubb back next season too !


Shelby Harris has a thing for batting down the ball in crunch time ask big Ben he knows all about him 😂

    Josh Davidian

    Shelby Harris was drafted by the Oakland Raiders


    @Zwagger 19 he did I should’ve mentioned that an int in the goal line is more clutch than a bat down

    The Discussion

    He did block a field goal against the Chargers two years ago that would’ve sent the game into OT

Victor Thiros

Who would have thought after how the season started with these teams they would end with the same record.

    A Skewed Chimp

    Anyone who knows the Raiders and the Broncos.

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