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Jonathan Jennings

Raider nation baby!!!!

Diego Lopez

We got an All Pro LB!!!!!!¡

    Lukas Rosas

    Bro we got Cory Littleton and Nick Kwiatkowski. 2 of the best LB’s in free agency

Jose Becerra Jr

With these ex-cowboys its inevitable that Marinelli is going to be our D-Coordinator

    Lukas Rosas


Kole Hoagie

damn algholor looks great! double spin move touchdown! wow!

    Kirby on the mic

    But drops more balls oof let’s see if he change

    JuicyJoey [the daily meme]

    Out with cooper in with algholor, hopefully he turns into a better player as a raider just like cooper with the cowboys

ant 2419

Gotta love Littleton. Goes from covering kittle to kelce

    Kirby on the mic

    Nick kwiatkoski??

    Frank Sharp


Justin Sepulveda

Crazy they were able to fit all of Agahlors 2019 catches in there

    #popcornblast Awinde

    Justin Sepulveda lol

    Austin Hannemann

    Haha I was surprised they had any for him

    Markus malloy

    You guys forget if it wasn’t for him eagles wouldn’t went to the superbowl.. and I think hes going to suprised people. Don’t get me wrong hes not a #1 WR NOT EVEN #2 . They going have to respect him

    Neville Evergreens

    still doesnt have as many drops as Cooper

Jamie Tanaka


Lukas Rosas

we’re just a few pieces away from being something special


    A Draft away from being special. And add 2021 draft and we’ll be something else special. The future is mighty bright.

    Lukas Rosas

    @Revlo1 agreed

The Joker

Looks like we got some good players i give it a B+ I cant wait for next season! We got way better at the linebacker position with Littleton and Kwiatkowski we got Nassib who is way underrated and is dangerous of the edge and Randall is a great cover safty We got better! ☠

    Ckay 22

    The Joker got some much needed depth peices too!! Now imagine if we have another draft like last year👀☠️

Pro Gamer209

Definitely a playoff team now, love it.

    Pro Gamer209

    SilkyGames we have mariota where theres like a 60% chance that he’ll replace carr, nelson agholor that played in the super bowl, and jason witten is a psycho cuz he ran 30 yards down the field without a helmet


    Anthony 25 goat still an upgrade from last season. Wouldn’t say we’re for sures going to the playoffs, but we’re heading the right direction. Plus we still have the draft coming up with 2 first round picks 👀

    Ckay 22

    Anthony 25 goat a bunch of old vets?? Ages of our signing are 26,26,26,26,27,25,28,30,27,27,27,37. I really hope that was sarcasm and I just wasted my time

    Ckay 22

    Anthony 25 goat Collins is trash?…you really are something else

    Frank Sharp

    SilkyGames bro we went from a 4-12 team to 7 games that’s improvement because of a really good draft and some good free agent signings if we do the same and it looks like our free agency this year looks light years better than the free agents last year. Only Trent brown was a good signing. So I fully expect the raiders to make improvement again and make the playoffs. We are not that far off

Mat Chen


Jonaven Garcia

We making playoffs quit playing and the draft nobody can’t tell me otherwise 😤


Out of all these signings, it’s likely only 3 will start

    Jonathan Dorado

    I say Collins, Kwitkowski, Randle, and Littleton are starters.


    Jonathan Dorado I agree with Randall, Kwit, and Littleton. But Collins is likely gonna be a rotational player, like Nassib.

    Ckay 22

    Prob 4…and you said it like it was a bad thing. Getting 4 quality starters in free agency is very very good

    Matt Pumphrey

    I see Collins, Littleton, Randall and Agholor starting

    Matt Pumphrey

    And kwiatkowski

Lesu Damuni

If you like this comment raiders are going to the Super Bowl

    Lesu Damuni

    Thanks for the 2 lieks

    G Solorio

    Dream on lol 😂

    Robert Jackman

    15 now

    NV Dee Money

    Naw we can’t be satisfied on going to the SB 😂😂😂😂 we to go and win that SOB it’s been 37 years since we won the SB . 🤷🏾‍♂️IJS

Savage Hussle

We got some dogs pairing up with our rookies from last year. Another great draft this year and we’re making play offs 💪🏻

Chidozie Osuji

I think Carr is a good QB I really hope they don’t replace him


    Stop fumbling out of the endzone


    He need to step his game up with MARIOTA ready to take his place , cuz we have an ELITE QB waiting for his chance to show all these Carr lovers , MARIOTA IS WHAT WE ALL BEEN NEEDING IN A FRANCHISE QB and he is just that ,,,, FRANCHISE QB .

    William Poole

    He is already gone. Going to Cincinnati.

Prince EQz

Playoff bound.

Chee Nou Lo

Agholor will do good here. He’s got great separation and quickness, only thing that he needs to work on is well….catching “pressure”catches. Good ole Chuck will make him good. But I also think he clearly wanted out of Philly.


    Chee Nou Lo pressure catches ? Have you seen his dropped highlights? Lol I hope he improves obviously to better our team but damn


    Most of his drops was becuz of bad throws 😂😂 and y’all bagging on bruh,, he gone get it done and shut you haterz up .

    Chee Nou Lo

    WHYSOSERIOUS? That’s why I said pressure catches.


That 6 TE formation finna be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😤😤😤

MALO_ 213

Cory is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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