Quarterback Russell Wilson Week 16 Press Conference | Seahawks 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Quarterback Russell Wilson Week 16 Press Conference | Seahawks 2019

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson talks with the media on Thursday during week 16 of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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We control our own destiny from here on out, so letโ€™s stack up these Wโ€™s #LetsGoHawks ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™

Patrick Parks

hope we get #1 seed

    Christian Barnes Productions

    im so glad we are the #! seed

Tarrell Harrison

I love this guy idc how anybody feels about it.

    Renee Cain

    @BoyA GMst He isn’t corny at all. He is a man and not a little boy b

    Renee Cain

    @Dennis Merwood GOD cares about every aspect of our lives.


    @Dennis Merwood 100% truth

    Seattle Blue

    Dennis – My understanding is that Russell believes God cares about every person, not about NFL games per se. Russell believes that God wants every person to do the best with the talents that person has which, in Russell’s case, means doing the best with his talents helps win games.

    NFL Footage

    Dennis Merwood I honestly believe that God cares about every detail in our life. We just built an image about Him being careless and doing His own thing. But I truly believe God truly cares about your desires, dreams, and passions.


8 years as a Seahawks QB & I hope we have another 8 years, Russ we love you & believe in your faith to win for this organization. I love my QB! Go Hawks!


All i want is to see this man raise that SB trophy can’t even imagine how his reaction would be like ๐Ÿ™ we will see Russ get another ring in his career no doubt

    Hawks Fan

    Erin Andrews – Russell you just won your second SB how did you do it
    Russell – God and my teammates I was just there
    EA – But you are also the MVP………
    RW – Godmates

    T O

    @Hawks Fan ๐Ÿ™

Boxing 101

Russ is looking young and hes just now hitting his prime!!


i love how much we embrace people here…. you CAN be a good person and have a problem… i hope you get a second chance with US josh, we love ya man… know we dont know ya well, but come back so that we can dude!


FACT: Hawks will never have quite the likes of a Russell Wilson again, so enjoy this time.


    SightSeer i agree enjoy the moment


    I’m grateful

    JefeThe YoungGod

    Oh believe me. We’re enjoying it

Only Positive Vibes that's the way to thrive

I donโ€™t care about how corny he is, he is the most humble quarterback in the league, thatโ€™s my quarterback!

    Renee Cain

    He isn’t corny. He just isn’t thugged out.

Alex Saucedo

ARIZONA is next. . Let’s go 12 @ 3. Go hawks Seattle nation BABY. Seattle all the way. Beat the CARDINALS

Charlie P

I hope that Josh gets better and comes back soon. Iโ€™ll be here rooting for him regardless. In the Seahawks organization, all who have a part are winners. Russell Wilson is the most humble, greatest piece of this teamโ€™s puzzle in Seahawk history and his smile just makes you want to root for him. GO HAWKS!!


    Charlie P i really likes Josh Gordon i knew they were saving him as a secret playoff weapon

The Pickle zone

Go MVP love you Russ!! Letโ€™s be 12-3 and dominate the cardinals!!!

Fonzorelli 808

I’m still heated we didn’t draft buddah Baker 2017… Instead we draft Malik McDowell who thought he owned the town. Smh. Amd where is he at now??? But Arizona coaches and teamates is saying they wished all their players played like buddah every snap. We need to keep the kids home especially if we have the chance and their available.

Robert Rigert Jr.

Awsome human being.Unparalleled humility,humanity and grace.All who cross your path are blessed.


iโ€™m inspired by Russellโ€™s positive attitude think about he threw away a back to back Super bowl and it hasnโ€™t stopped him at all

Brandon Maruszczak

Letโ€™s go Seahawks and Russell Wilson is awesome and letโ€™s go beat the cardinals and then hopefully the 49ers and letโ€™s go all the way to the super bowl this year and win it!!!

Seahawks Fan


    PuRe Werxsy

    I LOVE the hawks but Lamar has locked it up

    Seahawks Fan

    PuRe Werxsy instead of saying that you should believe in him but he is playing like a mvp

Seahawks Fan

Letโ€™s win the division Go Hawks

akshay padmanabhan

Yes, you will win multiple SB, only one difference back then only you believed today the entire seahawks family believes it. Go Hawks. In Russ we trust.

Pamela Bluitt


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