QB coach Matt Canada on Roethlisberger, Rudolph, play action, difference between NFL & college – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

QB coach Matt Canada on Roethlisberger, Rudolph, play action, difference between NFL & college

Steelers QB coach Matt Canada speaks to the media about working with the young guys, strategies this season, his excitement to be in the NFL and more.

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Ben Betancourt

We love Pittsburgh

Ben Betancourt

first comment

Kevin D


Æ savage glazer

Let’s goooooo

Æ savage glazer

Black and yellow

    COLDSTEEL 1933


Gregory Carroll

Canada will bring some nice wrinkles for the offense and fix Rudolph

    Gregory Carroll

    @jw1 Paxton Lynch has the phycical tools, he never had an oline woryh crap. Rudolph has potential. People are way too critical of a first year rookie that had not worked under center. We do not see day to day and really are not qualified to comment.

    COLDSTEEL 1933

    @Steel Phantom NO CANADA’S IS QB COACH!!

    Steel Phantom

    COLDSTEEL 1933 Don’t believe that he’s just the QB Coach, he’s the OC.

    Steel Phantom

    Gregory Carroll He’s there to be the OC, you know how the Steelers operate they like to do things in a low key way.

    Steel Phantom

    jw1 It’s true, Steelers like to do things in a low key way.


Austin 3:16 🐍

Guillermo Ruelas

Rudolph is trash, hopefully we draft a QB in the first round next draft

    Slumpy Boy

    yea, ben has 2 years left in him. Hopefully we make a run this year, and draft a qb late 1st round. Whoever that is would sit one year behind ben, and then take over

    Guillermo Ruelas

    @Slumpy Boy agreed I’m not so sure has anything left in the tank but we’ll see

    Richard McKinney

    Only in your mind.

    Ryan Irwin- Diehl

    There’s no more putting it off. Rudolph was supposed to be the guy but he won’t be, it’s obvious by now. Gotta get a stud in the first round next year. Move up if we have to

    Richard McKinney

    @Ryan Irwin- Diehl wow and only after eight games? I would bet in your next breath you would want the Steelers trade for Rosen that has has worse numbers not only in the NFL but also in college then Mason Rudolph.

Guillermo Ruelas

And to add Canada needs to replace Fichtner @OC becuase he trash as well

    Yo Kolbee

    Exactly.. we need a new OC with creativity

Robert Voorhies24

We need trey lance no way we re up on mason unless he makes a major jump which will be hard in this unusual off season

Dwight Schrute

Everyone calls him Duck 😂

Sarin VX

Bring Charlie Batch back👍


    He’s too busy on KDKA being the worst commentator of all time. I’m talkin he makes Booger McFarland sound like Pat Summerall

    Heath N

    Batch is pushing 50. No way. Back in the day he was one of the best backups in the league. We do need a competent backup to Ben

    Steel Phantom

    jw1 Absolutely right.lmfao

Marathon Mogul_

1 more month !


I want to see Paxton Lynch in action. I think he could easily be the #2 on this team.

    Yo Kolbee

    How so?

    Michael Derr Vlogs

    Agreed 🖤💛

B Bailey

He looks like Ben (with a shaved head and no beard)….we gonna win! Stairway to seven

Steel Phantom

Matt is the OC now not Randy.

Michael Derr Vlogs

1. Ben
2. Duck
3. Paxton
4. Rudolph

Michael Derr Vlogs

Once Ben retires, we should make a move to sign Colin Kapernick. Maybe next year


No do not start mason when Ben retires draft a rookie quarterback this year or next

    Arkson Altenhofen

    Trey Lance is the only one I see available for us

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