“Pursuit” Featuring Eric Kendricks | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“Pursuit” Featuring Eric Kendricks | Minnesota Vikings

Watch "Pursuit" featuring Minnesota Vikings LB Eric Kendricks and visit to help get Kendricks and all your favorite Minnesota Vikings to the 2020 Pro Bowl.

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Ok Vikings Media team that’s *DOPE* 🔥🔥


Dope AF, SKOL baby!!!

Rex Rogers

Badass!! SKOL!!

Marcos G


Stefan Klenner



VOTE THIS MAN in.. also Hunter… And Diggs.. and Cook.. and O’Neill.. and Rudy.. and Ham.. and Barr.. and Griff.. and Kirk mfcn Cousins

Brian Harting

SKOL baby!!!!


This sounds like a movie! When’s it coming out?!

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