Proof That John Harbaugh Is Having a Blast | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Proof That John Harbaugh Is Having a Blast | Ravens Final Drive

Head Coach John Harbaugh jumped into Marlon Humphrey's Instagram live celebration video after the win in Buffalo.

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Nicholas Branch Reply

Big truss💜💜💜

    Ricky Bobby Reply

    Can you explain truss, why are you guys saying that?

    dam gOOd Reply

    It’s got to do with them trusting their quarterback Lamar Jackson

    Alan León Reply

    It does have to do with trusting your QB and team, but the reason why everyone’s saying it is because of how Mark Ingram Say it.

    It’s not Big trust, but Big Truusssss!

    Look at that video for reference ^^^

Tavita Lole Reply

Lets go lamar get that work and hey dude when you talk you make it funny and cool

ol Dino lo Reply

I only see trust, love and hope

    Arriani Iman El Reply

    Something his brother did with Kaepernick until it went south. Almost won the guy a Superbowl

    Majorky Reply

    Big trusssss

    Lord Yamcha: Lord Above All Humans Reply

    And it’s those three things along with heart, guts, determination, and confidence that’ll get us through the playoffs and into a third Superbowl for The Ravens.

    Jordan Davis Reply

    ol Dino lo Amen God Bless

Julian Shipp Jr Reply

Best coach ever 💯

    Dominican Chef Reply

    No idiot Bill Is but he’s a great coach

    dam gOOd Reply

    @Dominican Chef B S

BlueWaffles ForBreakfast Reply

0:18 that guy should be in a Colgate commercial.

    BlueWaffles ForBreakfast Reply

    Makayla Anderson that’s what I said

    Makayla Anderson Reply

    When I had viewed the video your comment read 6:18 and I had clicked it and it took me to the very end of the video. I’m not sure what happened. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    BlueWaffles ForBreakfast Reply

    Makayla Anderson 😉

    BlueWaffles ForBreakfast Reply

    Makayla Anderson also why you delete your comment

    Blax Reply

    Yoo u stoopid af lol. That killed me!

33ladyRAM Reply

LJ low hit from yesterday game aggravated his quad. I pray hell be okay. Some of these guys are dirty players and gunning after him😕🙁😔

    Brian Noland Reply

    @hector alvarez 77 Ok yeah I read the RTG, my bad, still his QBR that I’m seeing was 53.1 but either way that’s not really that critical. He didn’t have a great game and the Bills D certainly contributed to that.

    Brian Noland Reply

    @hector alvarez 77 I’m assuming the third player you are referring to is Matt Skura. Pat Mekari had filled it just fine for two games now and I would expect that to continue. Ronnie Staley will be replaced by James Hurst who has been a reserve lineman for us for a few years now and should do just fine. As good as a First Round Pick? Probably not but against the Jets with all their injuries to players like C.J. Mosley and the fire sale they are doing with trading their players I think we’ll be fine. I’m not sure how you’re conflating running the ball as a team 33 times means there will be injuries. Many teams over the history of the NFL have running identities and have done just fine. Running the ball with your quarterback may incur increased risk, but running in general is no more dangerous to your players as passing is. I’d argue as a former OL I preferred run blocking as it allows you to come off the ball and deliver the hit unlike pass blocking which usually involves shuffling back and waiting for the defender to make their move and reacting, which usually means a shot to the head or body for the OL.

    hector alvarez 77 Reply

    Brian Noland i was talking about Lamar (quad) mark andrews (knee) and Stanley (concussion)

    hector alvarez 77 Reply

    Brian Noland and the Ravens run the ball violently if that makes sense. Gus Edwards, pat ricard, Mark ingram. they are all guys who will run through you. and then the 3 TE sets. They want to establish their dominance at the line of scrimmage you know what I mean? their offense is set up by their power run game

Shaun Branson Reply

Love the ravens

33ladyRAM Reply

We ain’t done! Go Ravens💯💖💖🌷

TSM Mont Miliner jr Reply

12-2. Get that big truss

Ivan West Reply

John Harbaugh= COACH OF THE YEAR!

    Donnie S Reply

    @Ra Wo yea but how many coaches in the league go all in with changing their teams approach for their qb? That’s why lamar is who lamar is, most coaches would of tried to make him a pocket passer which he is when he has to be but the offense is built around Lamar. He also promoted g-ro and jettisoned Marty. Lamar deserves the credit hes getting but Harbaugh and the rest of the coaching staff deserves theirs as well.

    Ra Wo Reply

    Donnie S all I’m saying is coach of the year should be someone who the team CANT WIN WITHOUT…like the Steelers coach mike tomlin…remove him and they’ll go 0-16 he has no superstars ab is our defense was lackluster and he’s coached them into a playoff spot…however remove coach haubaugh and the ravens will still be good

    Ra Wo Reply

    Donnie S the way you talking like coach haubaugh made Lamar lol..he knew Lamar was his only chance at having a job with the ravens so he had to do something and the league is changing the pocket passer prototype is out of style not the defensive lines are wayyyy to fast you have to switch up the offensive looks

    Donnie S Reply

    @Ra Wo no that’s not what I said. what i was getting at is he bought into lamar when most of the league would of tried to change him. Lamar is special but believing in him is what saved his job. He could of very easily benched him during the bolts game in the playoffs but he didnt. Lamar is great and I’m glad we have him but a different coaching staff probably would of got different results. If you dislike Harbaugh that’s fine but how many other coaches u see calling timeouts to send their offense back in on 4th because the QB comes off pissed. In the redzone on 4th and 2. Not many if any. Their a perfect pair. So give Harbaugh his credit too

    Donnie S Reply

    If Marty is our coordinator this year u think lamar has this great of a year? A good year I’m sure but not like this. Who made the decision to promote g-ro? Harbaugh. Dont take bits and pieces of what I say and then tell me i said Harbaugh made lamar. That makes u look like a jackass.

king shark Reply

Cool, but let’s tighten up out there on O’ was cool to see some rb screen game, throw in some te screen game for hurst.
Let’s enjoy this ride and flip this ride even better for second season. Best of the best starting to rise and hit they stride. Let’s get ready.

    Śłøw Grïñd Tv Reply

    king shark we got plenty more plays and formation we haven’t showed yet as long as we win doesn’t matter how close it was

    king shark Reply

    @Śłøw Grïñd Tv … matters to those who wager on the game, ravens just barely covered. … your a fan, I’m a realist, we gone need all them plays you say we haven’t showed and then some, playoff season is facing teams for the 2nd time. Means have more than pistol formation fake 38 spread rollout keeper. That’s on tape already.

Geonari Brooks Reply

I’m a Lamar Jackson support, but this team makes me feel like how I feel in my house, just love!!

Rob Erickson Reply

The Ravens making atheists believers

    4thegloryofthelord Reply

    Sure hope so. God works in many different ways.

Oncsimus Shakur Reply

Keep grinding team, injuries are part of this great game, we got home field in our grasp. GO RAVENS!!!!

Maui Waui Reply

Pete Carroll this is how you trust your players!

PhajEJEK Ly Reply

John almost got fired when flacco them were struggling lucky Lamar came along

    rudy rush Reply

    .  DeCosta Roman and DOn Martendale are all new (GM, OC, DC) Don being the only of the three who didn’t start this year (he started last year) SO Harbaugh may have though his time was coming to a close.  But this year is not over lets not start congratulating each other not until January.

    unchained Reply

    If he was fired the Ravens front office would look very questionable, he is a great coach and a Superbowl wining coach

    95alive Reply

    PhajEJEK Ly I keep saying Lamar saved his job. The past couple yrs he’s constantly been on the Hot Seat

Ron Edward Reply

Wow, we’re almost at 100K subscribers!! I remember back when it was only about 20K. Where these people come from?? 😅

Ty Tolbert Reply

I live in Ga bout I bleed 💜💜💜💜Ravens Nation

    Brenda Smith Reply

    Me too

mike mailei Reply

What a coach. He seems like he cares for these players as humans.

    Dave Brown Reply

    No doubt 👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾

    Jamaal Ali Reply

    Yes yes, a missing ingredient in most coaches tool box…

Short Bus Pull Up Reply

One of ravens top season!!! See y’all in Miami baby!!! Team ravens a family…

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