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Will Healy

Only a matter of time before Raven fans come in and flex . I’ve never seen a more petty fan base , what they don’t get is all the pressure is on them. This team was counted out after there 2-4 start , we went from looking like a rebuilding team as early as next year (because Mariota blows) too a team who found a franchise QB, the best back in football and an up and coming star WR. Anything else is just gravy at this point , but boy a win would really put the Raven fans on suicide watch. Especially after the predictions they’ve been giving sheesh. Score prediction

Ravens 1327
TItans -2

    Will Healy

    Lenny Beason , Titans also beat two teams who beat the ravens . Your point makes no sense .

    Will Healy

    Lenny Beason firstclff nowhere did I say the Titans were better , and yes, while you see Titan fans pumping there chest it’s because your trolling in our Video lol. Do you not see what I mean here , this is a video from our team so obviously our fans are excited and want to feel good , we’re not trolling in your video and subs . Maybe a select few are but nowhere near what Raven fans are doing , it’s just pathetic that you fans have to go out of your way to talk trash just because you lack full confidence .

    We get it , Ravens are good , they won 12 straight for a reason and are favorites but this is playoff football. We’ve all seen crazier stuff happen , injuries , turnovers , you just don’t know . Anyhow just cool off dude , it’s only football . There’s a lot of hate coming from you .

    Lenny Beason

    @Will Healy Hate? 😅 Not even close to that. Yes it’s only football!

South Nashville

Why does Eddie look the same!? I bet he could still lower that shoulder and get 100

    Randy Porter

    South Nashville No doubt ! We all need to rinse off in the “Fountain of Eddie” !

    austin brown

    You know what they say, Titans don’t crack.

    Randy Porter

    South Nashville On top of looking great, Eddie is a class act ! He’s articulate, intelligent and just a good guy. I doubt a bad word has ever been said about him, other than the butt-hurt defenses lol!


    He was on the Rich Eisen Show in the morning. They were talking if Marshawn can still do it.. Eddie said he has 5 goal line runs in him.

    Cristian Elvis

    Eddie George is a beast

brian kaszuk

Did Eddie just reference star wars

Kevin Porter

Ravens fan here who respects Eddie..

    Officer Krupke

    Ravens fan here, Ray Lewis and Brian Billick say Hi Eddie.

    Harris Crew

    Jerk!! You do!! you just said his name didnt You

A. Double

My friends hated it on Madden for ps2 when I’d be running Eddie and the crowd would start chating EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE…They knew the game was over.

Randy Porter

The Titans walked into Gillette Stadium, much less impressed with the “past accomplishment” banners flying, than the reporters, fans and players there. They walked out waving goodbye to them with one finger. I expect the same this week. – Titan Up guys, we’re proud of you !

    Yeshua Dean

    Lmfao yea and guess what the ravens dropped 37 on the pats in a game that was never even close, yall think cuz u beat the pats you can beat us😂😂😂😂 boi u better go watch a highlight video or something, were a better team then the titans in every way on every side of the ball 😂😂 9-7 14-2 we aint the same bro

    Randy Porter

    Yeshua Dean LMAO ! 🤣 “Us” ?? Dude, you talk like you are the teams go-to, all- purpose player, getting ready to lace cleats on for this game. I’m betting the Ravens don’t know who you are and don’t care. They are a GREAT football team, that everyone respects, including Titans fans and players, but you’re NOT one of them ! LOL! “Us” ?? Go back to X-Box and self-exploration, when mommy’s not around. Grown-ups are talking !

Richard Campbell

From. New Mexico. I bleed blue!!!!! 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸✌


    Right there with you. I was at 66 Stadium watching.

Chris Inge

That 4th down 😂😂😂

Ofisi Latu Jr.


    Yeshua Dean

    Yea u better pray for a miracle its gon take 1 to win with tannehill as your qb 😂😂 lamar bout to make them boys on defense look foolish, 😂😂



Jamin mcqueen-bey

Baby Lamar yoda told me Ravens 34 Titans 10 😂

brian cutshall

It like what Logan Ryan said earlier in the week our guys like being the underdogs they thrive on it

Logan Todd

Love that Eddie keyed in on the Emperor Palpatine reference! Been thinking that for years haha.

Lamin Ceesay

Lol did George just say that the pats were the best team vs the run? Why is he smoking? The pats haven’t being able to stop the run all season long. Even players like Chubb, mixon have fun 100+ on them not to mention the ravens ran all over them

Nathan Anderson

Eddie George would be a great coach!

Computer Guy

Ravens Key to Victory:
Show up.

Zane BA

The Titans are gonna squeeze the clock, contain Lamar and beat the Ravens in a low scoring game.


Very uncomfortable from coming from behind….seriously. Ravens have come from behind before this season Eddie. Jesus where do you people get this from.

Brandon One

Letts goooo

Awful madden plays.

Let’s GO!!! We’re still doing our weekly show …. also since 2000 we were the number 1 defense after beating Dallas in December then 2001 January the ravens stole my dreams of another Super Bowl no raven games ever go on my tv not even in madden NOTHING!!! I hate EM!!! They cheated also again when they twisted chris Johnson leg in the 1st half of the playoffs when they couldn’t stop him dude had 90 yards already!!!

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