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Preston Smith & Za’Darius Smith Lead By Example

Packers LBs Preston and Za’Darius Smith share their thoughts on how they came to the team and changed the culture completely.

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Anthony Cappozzo

Let’s go boys! Wisconsin!

Kiasia Johnson

I can’t wait 💚💛

    Marvin Daniels

    Kiasia Johnson Me neither! I am so hyped up! I wish I could go to that game to witness our victory

    Kiasia Johnson

    Marvin Daniels same Lol I wish it was at lambeau but oh well

Drop the Bassline

I love these two. I hope they don’t leave GB anytime soon

    josh czajkowski

    @Greenbay backer 4 year 52 mil for preston and z has a 4 year 66 mil

    Anthony Arena

    With the way they play they will retire here


    Drop the Bassline Z says he’ll retire in Green Bay, not sure about Preston. These guys are the coolest tho, love having them on The Pack!!!

    El34 Glow

    I doubt they go anywhere. They were payed well for never playing here before. And I think they’re both 3-4 year contracts. I expect them to stay and be paid again as the contact comes up unless they fall off completely.

    Greenbay backer

    @josh czajkowski 4 years?! Even better!


Love the Smith bros. Go sack some 9ers!

Greenbay backer

Best pass-rushing duo in the NFL!

K udubya


Mister Hipster

Jimmy isn’t a Russel.

    Greenbay backer

    I know, hes worse. Jimmy G threw at least one interception in 12 games this season, Russell would never do that

Jacob Scott

The one dislike was from Russel Wilson

    Lee Fischer

    I was thinking Cousins 😂 You like that!

Neil ODonnell

Cool dudes 😎 from the UK.

Kevin Rogge

No matter what happens, there is so much optimism in the coming years! Great to be back!

    Kayla Miller

    Kevin Rogge I keep telling myself that! First year head coach, new players, most expected us to win 6 games top! So either way this year was amazing!


Love these two man there energy and leadership has led are defense

Rene Ulloa

GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bruce Wayne

    Rene Ulloa go where? The bus stops in SF. Probably go back home.

Packers Nation

I would love to go to work eday with these guys. Great chemistry together. Great role models for young guys. But work needs to get done. Lets Go

Kevin Keegan135

Why did Z and Rodgers hit it off right away? B/c game recognize game, that’s why

Dj Diddles

They both got snubbed! Show the world why yall are the real deal!

    Bruce Wayne

    Dj Diddles Seriously I wouldn’t trade both of these fools for one Bosa.

    Dj Diddles

    @Bruce Wayne For real man, everyone always hypes the big name players but dint look at stats, these dudes have what? 14 sacks each and both had 2 sacks each and tfl each in the divisional game and people are still talking about the niners and chiefs it’s sad. Nobody knows true talent anymore.

mercedes nevarez


Devin Cheatham

I need 3 sacks a piece from them alone and about 7-9 sacks for this game from the Defense overall

Lee Joseph

Defense wins Superbowls… Lets go guys, cause havoc on Sunday


The baddest edge rushers ever. I love these guys. I cant w8 untill my Big Z jersey get here

David B.G

I like them too, but everyone is sleeping on Kenny Clark thanks to them two, Kenny will stand out more Kenny is barely 24 years old.

    Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality

    Kenny is one strong human

    Killer Champion

    We will see but this is there time his time will come

    Nathan DeLong

    I love seeing Clark out there again! He’s going to be the difference maker

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