Predicting the Ravens’ Compensatory Picks | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Predicting the Ravens’ Compensatory Picks | Ravens Final Drive

The NFL is expected to release the compensatory picks on Friday, and the expectation is that the Ravens will get a pair of picks.

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GMO_ Gamer boy


Mj money

Who else wants the season to start now😭🤘💫

    kendall hall

    I hope we go 16-0

    Tayshawn Mcconnell

    Mj money me and I want us to go 16-0 pr 15-1

    Mj money

    Tayshawn Mcconnell yessir

    Ryan Flanagan


    Sam Dath

    I say we go 15 and 1 go ravens

Elias Ghanem

2 months left

    o Mauii

    Two extremely long months

Sam Dath

How many players will draft predictions here


Bro I can’t wait till the draft. Which WR are they gonna pick!

    EM EL

    AllOutLegend LB*

    Nate The Great

    AllOutLegend Defense should be the bigger concern considering Ravens lack of pass rushers and a middle LB

    I M

    Aj Green lol

    Nightmare Kilo

    I M injury prone

ryan damon

Hi ravens 💜💜💜🖤🖤

Oui Bay

We need to get that 3rd rounder!!!!!!

Oui Bay

If we tag and trade Judon that’s 10 pics!

    D C

    You can’t trade that bum

    Oui Bay

    D C sure you can

    D C

    @Oui Bay what could he fetch. Maybe add in Hayden

    Oui Bay

    D C no! Keep hurst. Every pass rusher is going to get tagged.none will hit market. But a lot of teams need to spend money and we are the only team that will trade a pro bowl lb.

    D C

    @Oui Bay thanks for the info

Red White And Doo

Ravens select joe burrow

    Nate The Great

    Red White And Doo Uhhhh no



    Lion Thomas



In EDC we trust!


16-0 season👀😈

Lion Thomas

Thanks for explaining the comp pick😏

Ryan Flanagan


Bouche Caldwell

I would go future w/ o lineman stud at no. 1. No.2. OLB. Comp pick3rd round WR. No.4 comp pick LB. 5,6,and7 best players available. Meanwhile dropping back whenever possible for picks next year

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