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Can we admit that the people trying defend Lamar and say “it’s just the pro bowl” it doesn’t matter would be the ones going crazy and saying how accurate Lamar is if he would’ve done well 🤔😂

    Mr. Eric

    Yeah he isn’t known for being pinpoint accurate QB. His value is his playmaking ability and Harbaugh knew how to build that offense to hide his weaknesses


    First of all, when your put on the spotlight (spot) you don’t do as well, with all that pressure we can understand, secondly he could have done much better but he’s a rookie and just getting use to the stuff.

    Borie Seng

    This is not just a Pro Bowl game tho this is a fckin SKILLS challenge where the best shows off why they are there. Ppl need to stop downplaying these events cause the player they love suck haha this event proves exactly what lamar will always be IF he doesn’t get better. Luckily he’s young. And they cant sit there and say it doesn’t matter to the players they all have egos and wanna show out. Except maybe russ lol

    Pedro Sober

    Blax Bruh he’s very inaccurate in game, the only reason he completes passes is cuz the passing game just opened cuz the ravens just ran the ball five times in a row

T Cobb

When you realize you can’t run in precision passing 😂😂😂

    Puppygod Yt

    Elijah Briggs do u not see the weapon threat he has 🤦‍♂️ give Russell Wilson who threats and he will have double his tds

    K L

    @brent boscia
    Wilson won the superbowl in his second year.

Shankhadip Chakraborty

Even in a Pro Bowl Precision Passing Showdown, Russ proves why he’s such an amazing leader of men. Seriously how anyone can dislike this dude is beyond me.

    Trevor Brown

    His voice

    Layla Watts


    Sir Reginald Duke of Chutney

    ~Russell Wilson is solid gold~

Rand Birch

I see why Lamar runs the ball every play Lmao.

    Seth Carter

    Kadin his wr core was avg at best

    Rand Birch

    Drip London he’s not trash, he’s a great running back but a below basic quarterback

    John M

    First Last Kyle Allen and Gardner Minshew threw more yards than him. Neither of them played in every game, either.

    Shivan Anirudhra

    @Elijah Briggs to be fair though Lamar did give a crappy performance here tho

    NotSo ObviousThings

    Elijah Briggs Lana Issa joke chill out all we saying is he sucked in the competition

Karl Towns

Lamar: I’m ok with 2 points
Kirk: I’m mad because the 3 pointer was out of position

    Terrance Hall

    @Jose Ruiz the and is you are clueless

    Caiden Swanke

    @Jose Ruiz I would say he’s a “good passer” not great. Not elite.

    Rai Rai

    The difference between Good and Great. Perfect example. 😊

    Caiden Swanke

    @Rai Rai exactly. And I’m not talking about his overall skill, he excels in different areas, that make him a good QB.

    Terrance Hall

    @Rai Rai kirk isn’t great

Alex Worthington

12:37 Lamar gets left hanging by watson

    Ethan R

    Alex Worthington I wonder why 😂😵

Jadan Vang

Lamar: “Y’all got any running events???”

    Clip Central

    Emeka Emezie it’s true tho 😂

    Hawk 490

    @aljanat5 your dumb qbs need to be accurate there is a reason jackson and Watson couldn’t get it done against real playoff teams

    Hawk 490

    @BigSplash FTW exactly bro

    G Smoke

    Aye no he retired because he didn’t have a line and was one of the qbs getting sacked the most think before you speak

    Namesaintsbest 13


richard bell

*Vikings fans when they see Kirk in the pro bowl* “WE TOLD YOU HE WAS GOOD”

    Henry Hudson

    @Barry _Macokinher look who did better


    Henry Hudson look who chokes with home field advantage and got destroyed on top of that.

    Sam_2 Alexander

    Henry Hudson who had a playoff win?

    Aaron Weaver

    Denver will destroy the AFC in 2020

    Minnesota Vikings fan

    Not gonna lie Lamar lost to a great Tennessee team and we beat a team that was supposedly the best team in the nfl on both sides of the ball but Kirk deserved a pro bowl after a performance in new Orleans

Donnie Dial

When both the WR got more points than Lamar Jackson


    @Elijah Briggs yes.. in order to lead the league you have to have receivers who can run after the catch and catch the ball so no he’s not accurate


    Thats what happened to russell one year with this stuff. Another non quarterback did better than him. He didnt do good at all.

    Clip Central

    Elijah Briggs stfu

    Wonton Bong

    Elijah Briggs It’s not hard when you have Mark Andrews Hollywood brown and Willy Snead. Where did those passing tds get him. Nowhere.

Jt Dunn

my man russell wilson outscored the AFC by himself💪💪

    Zach Willett

    THE SINK IS SHIPPING, Kirk also outscored the entire AFC


    So did Kirk?😂

    Daniel Kalpin

    What about kirk?

    Jt Dunn

    i’m a seahawks fan that’s why

    Isaias Gonzalez Noguez

    Kirk was 18 and Russell 19 in points hahaha and just because Kirk throwed it 1 sec after the clock ended

Play Dead

Lamar fans this year: Everyone who said Lamar sometimes struggles with accuracy is a hater.

Lamar fans after the skills challenge: It’S tHe PrO bOwL nO oNe TrIeS.

    Barry _Macokinher

    Nima Talebi if it ain’t the regular season Lamar gonna choke and if it’s a Monday night Kirk gonna choke

    Ryan Hardison

    He didn’t choke, the Ravens played awful as a team.

    Hawk 490

    @Nateyad 😂 these lamar fans are about as stupid as cowboy fans

    Bartholemew Barnfart

    Cousins was trying

Raptors Nation

Lamar is getting exposed out here lmao

    Clip Central

    bruh his fanboys are nowhere to be found 🤣


    He was probably super baked


Kirk Cousins was like: Let me show you what a real QB looks like Lamar

    Brandon H

    @Terrance Hallif they beef up the o-line, kirk will be unstoppable.

    Hawk 490

    @Terrance Hall neither could lamar

    Terrance Hall

    @Hawk 490 mvp though

    Hunter Silvey

    Terrance Hall looks like they are both in the pro bowl, so I guess neither showed up in the “actual games”

    Terrance Hall

    @Hunter Silvey and i guess you forgot it is a team game

Herr Waffles

I wanted to see some lineman in this event. Give them some love

Wind Blow

Lamar Jackson: I’m the MVP

Pro bowl skills challenge: Watch me end this man’s whole career


    Quinn Dang ravens have average weapons wth u talking bout Russ has metcalf and locket

    Sports Fan until the end

    I see you changed it once you realized it was worded incorrectly

    Clip Central

    Vortexism Gaming 2020 and you still callin people normie

    Wind Blow

    Andrew Metcalf may be an above average receiver with a lot of potential but he isn’t that great just yet.


Madden 20 update this week
Lamar Jackson: SAC: -4 MAC: -5, DAC: -5
OVR: -2 though

    Hunter Deskin

    arjl880 carrying and juke +10

    Drip London

    arjl880 🤣🤣🤣

Ryno Art

When are the rest of the event challenges? I like these more then the actual Pro Bowl.

Halima Falama

All you hear when Kirk Cousins missed in precision passing “golly”

    Envy San Diego

    Taking a page out of Philip Rivers playbook there 😂

Dustin Platt

Everyone in the comment section is a throwing mechanics coach from a Professional Football team suddenly.

Breakglass Dawkins

Pro bowl: Lamar scores 2 points

Lamar Jackson: “Not bad for a running back!”

    Tyler Briggs

    Jarvis Landry puts up 6. “Not bad for a wide receiver”

    Sports Fan until the end

    @Tyler Briggs

    Matthew H

    Jarvis had triple his points 😂😂

    Jack Wemply

    @Matthew H hahaha

    Sports Fan until the end

    @Matthew H

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