Practice Report: Injury Update, Devlin Hodges speaks to media, Five Steelers named to Pro Bowl – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Practice Report: Injury Update, Devlin Hodges speaks to media, Five Steelers named to Pro Bowl

Missi Matthews provides an update on player injuries, breaks down what James Washington and Devlin Hodges said to the media on Wednesday, and notes which Steelers were named to the 2020 Pro Bowl.

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ninja rocket

Jujus back let’s go 🏈🏈🏈🤘🏿🤘🏿💯💯

    Fabian torrez

    Dont mean he playing he was limited

    ninja rocket

    @Fabian torrez stop being negative

    Fabian torrez

    @ninja rocket ok I’m just saying

    ninja rocket

    @Fabian torrez but juju is recovering he even jogged around the field without feeling knee pain he is doing good he should be able to play on Sunday and have a good performance if duck doesn’t make the same mistakes he made last week si he is good and juju is ready to play and I think he is pretty hype about this game and ready to play but he will recover by the playoffs if he doesn’t play sunday but he was recovering slowly last week but he is now ready to play and should do good for the stellers against the jets so he was limited because his coach was doing the best for hin


Here we go!! Need a dub

Henry Macaluso

Go Steelers

call of duty ruined my life


W. Dearth

I hope JuJu is ready to play decoy this weekend. We need it.

    Nfjfjd Jndjfif

    Decoy? If ya don’t think he’s our #1 receiver anymore you’re wrong. Rudolph never threw to him, and he’s been hurt since Duck cane in. When he’s had the ball thrown to him he’s done well.

George Coull

Bud, Haden and Nelson got snubbed hard and other guys too can’t win em all


I prefer Rudolph, Hodges looked like a mess.

We need to win out or at least go 1-1 and the titans lose last two games.

Hodges had a chance to tie up the game and decided to throw a int instead.

    Infinite Strength

    Shut up he has won 3 games for us be happy


    He had one bad game, give the kid another shot.


    Eww Rudolph

    sons of liberty

    Rudolph is good, but Hodges has (it). It’s the movement, throwing on the run, huge 3rd down conversions under pressure. I like Rudolph but Hodges deserves another shot, it’s only fair as a man. This isn’t over by far. I truly believe one of these guys will be out there in 2 more years.

Guillermo Ruelas

Maybe now every body can stop blowing Duck and acting like we’re going to the Super bowl

    Jacob G

    What’s the harm, though? It’s been fun cheering for the replacements.

David Janowski

Duck will be fine.

sons of liberty

I think the d is going to go off this week. It just feels right.

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