Power Rankings Reaction Show: Divisional Round – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Arctic Blaze

I’m laughing at the Patriots for losing

    Rashad Holmes

    @seker7 u a loser lol who’s your team


    Rashad Holmes I’m a Giants fan lol imagine 9 potential rings lol

    Killer Champion

    @§§§ k¥rïę §§§ ïrvïñg u said cheated more then them

    Rashad Holmes

    @KashOutRonny lol


Cynthia needs to be fired


    §§§k¥rïę §§§ ïrvïñg Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha patriots lost and no brady

    §§§ k¥rïę §§§ ïrvïñg

    I mean it you guys are good as hell with beast mode DK Russell Bobby I mean


Titans burried Tom Brady!!

    Sha'mez Carter



    Trippy Blissed I’m agreeing with you tf

    Trippy Blissed

    BRIAN sorry didn’t read it right my bad

    19-Year Old Veteran


Awes Pizza

Too long…19 minutes?….not watching…

    Sha'mez Carter

    Awes Pizza k no one cares

Jay Stiles

This a fake version of Undisputed,I’m not impressed


Cynthia’s cluelessness knows no bounds

ryan damon


    Emidio Lara

    ryan damon good luck 😂


    @Emidio Lara Nosh#t – And I am IN Minnesota..

joseph graziano

Only shows bad plays for the Seahawks lmao

Kathryn Smith

I’m still in shock and laughing that the Patriots are out…… This Post Season is fun watch……

T. Moua

It’s anybody’s game. Just depends who show up and play.

    Thomas Urech

    I absolutely agree. Any team can win and that makes things fun.


Cynthia a dummy 😂 “almost lost” how? Seattle has like two less players on injured line than the eagles 😆 most on their offense. Also not to mention. Cynthia went 0-4 maybe 1-3 clown Seattle did fine for having two o line men, two receivers and three backs out for the season clown

    Side Swipe Basura

    THE FF MACHINEE I mean the eagles had like 12 key injuries so it’s not the most impressive of wins


    Side Swipe Basura I mean Seattle had at least 7 key injuries all season long out of the 10 and they managed 🤷🏿‍♂️


    Nope cynthia is smart


    AGK927 1-3

    free thought

    @AGK927 funniest comment 👌🏼

Johnny Farris

Just put the damn rankings on the screen.

Lysander Cuevas

Seahawks why would they be at 7th or 8th

    McClaren F1

    You dont watch the nfl do you. Us hawks arent that great. Were injured af and are going to go against a very healthy packers team

    McClaren F1

    Not to mention, we havent beat the packers on the road against them since before the 2000’s

    Jensen Anderson

    McClaren F1 your a fake seahawk have some faith look at the game before super bowl 48

English YT

Imagine getting all the wild card games wrong

Oh wait…

jack schumaker

Hates on Lamar for choking and then chooses Russell Wilson 😂👌

Hey Guys

do these guys know seattle didn’t have duawne brown or mike iupadi there the two best offensive line men

Banana Fanafoferry

Seahawks seem too low on these lists.


    How 😂😂😂

    Varun Vemuri

    mikeandmars2345 how you gonna put them at 8

Christopher Skipper

Seattle and 49ers and Seahawks will take it

Canyon Arizona

Dan- Packers, a team nobody believes in! They are my Super Bowl Champs! I’m the only one who believes in them!

Griff __14988941

Who dat nation! I got one question for ya!!!

YOU LIKE THAT!?!🤣🤣🤣🤣💜💛

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