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Kalel311 superman

Jason witten’s fumble was a key factor in this loss

    Frank Pierce

    So was the non-fumble by Elliott that was given to the Saints…….

    i b

    And the Zeke fumble too. Also the offense pass interference hurt us too

Mamame El Bicho

The Cowboys missed Michael Gallup alot, hes the key to the offense…… None of the receivers were getting Separation and the play calling wasnt good either TBH….. Also alot of Fumbles and BS Offensive PI calls…. Its alright just readjust and move on…

    Martese Westbrook

    Mamame El Bicho Those offensive PI calls were terrible, if he’s grabbing then he should be able to push.

    Mamame El Bicho

    @Martese Westbrook Yes, and Lattimore even initiated contact on alot of the plays as well… Absolutely ridiculous….

    used 2be

    Fanboys like u are sad. First its dak doesnt have weapons then its he has amari so they great,now its we didnt have Gallup. Dallas isnt that good cause dak is limited. If dallas isnt dominant than dak is a bum.
    He cant win unless dallas has 140 plus yards rushing. He sucks. U a dumbass for blaming Gallup being out.

Wayne Piner

Yes we are.. same ole coachless team!

Michael Wade

Giving back the ball in the 4th was ridiculous. When it’s 4th and 2, you go for it, or you’re just not playing to win.

    Martese Westbrook

    Dustin Wilkins This is why Dallas CANT win a Super Bowl. We can’t keep playing not to lose, I’m not upset with the punt, I’m upset with the terrible play calling, lack of hurry up, obvious first down runs, too many audibles by Dak and then fear of blitzing a backup weak armed QB who doesn’t have a scary deep threat! If we won’t blitz Bridgewater into bad passes who will we blitz?

    Dustin Wilkins

    Yes!!! The saint’s didnt win. We beat ourselves. Robert Quinn was a monster tho. That dude is a beast! One of the few positives from this game.

    Den den

    Why my cowboys was playing thinking like tochito game?

    Nintengo 1985

    They didn’t have any interest today. Maybe they all had sun poisoning

    Martese Westbrook

    Dustin Wilkins Quinn is a baller, we’re too archaic in our philosophy and still too obvious getting Zeke the ball. No screens, no option plays, no draws, no pick routes, I think I saw one blitz. Teams with talent who don’t win, lose because of bad culture or bad philosophy. Bill belichek with this team would have beat the saints by at least 14 yesterday.

Calvin R. Johnson Jr.

Good game can’t win every one of them still a lot of season left. Got injuries to mend. Let’s focus on getting healthy. Protect the football those fumbles killed us. Defense gotta try getting off the field better. I know that’s obvious. But those penalties kept the ball out of the offense’s hands.


They have Sean Payton, we have The Clapper. Yes the turnovers hurt, but we got out coached from the outset

    Brian Waller

    Hence why we’ll never win with Garrett. When it comes to two evenly matched teams coaching matters

    The Punisher

    This is what it looks like when we go up against playoff caliber teams.

    Martese Westbrook

    The Punisher Well it’s not just the “playoff caliber” it’s the saints in their building. They have a legit corner to put on Amari, didn’t have Gallup and weren’t warned about the saints desire to strip the ball. They don’t really want to play defense, they mostly just go for turnovers. Better scheming from Moore and we win. Did Dallas even run a screen

    Brian Waller

    @The Punisher hence why Garrett cant get passed the divisional round. He gets outcoached


    Martese Westbrook I don’t think they did. That would have been unpredictable. We can’t be unpredictable now😜

Sonya Lewis

What a let down to lose by 2. But its all good. Dallas hang in there! You have to fight come next sunday! Packers wont be easy. 💙🏈GoDC!

Shawn Carter

The offense was terrible and dak wants 40 million and he plays like that vs the 1st real defense we play and zeke is the highest paid RB and he averaged 1.9 YPC, We need Michael Gallup back bad

jim smith

The defense had a good game. Offense spun its wheels for most the game. There were about 4 calls that also helped beat the cowboys.

Meh its

Dak I still 💛yhu y’all was NOT TRYNA WIN I FEEL COWBOY FOR EVER🏈💛

jim smith

Zekes body was down before the ball came out. Amari the PI calls were terrible. The roughing the passer on DLaw terrible call by ref.

Juan Coronado

I can understand been lazy or
Inconsistent during the week
In practice but i can’t accept
Being inconsistent on “game day”
I guess that was all in the young
Offensive coordinator play book he just ran out of aggressive plays
as much as i love my Cowboys
It’s going to be another.
I hope Prescott does not became
A ” average QB ” like Romo, White
and dozens of other QBs that played for the COWBOYS

John Crabtree

Just a bad offensive game plan this looked just like last year when you only allow 12 pts you should win why didnt they use pollard some elliot was ineffective

jeremy x

All time Prescott stat
When Dak runs 2 tiims or less
We lose
When Dak rushes at least 7 times,
We’re 100% victorious

Drops, penalties, scheme was just off badly tonight

    Nintengo 1985

    jeremy x 3rd and 2 like three times. Run the option!!!!!

    jeremy x

    @Nintengo 1985
    Like dang man

gdubb 1228

72 and 70 wasnt good tonight and the offensive look like last yr we didnt use cooper like the saints use thomas oc didnt help tonight but its on to the next

Todd James

I don’t think we ran one screen tonight either.. or a Dak designed run.

Den den

Cowboys knew that they are to lose this game. I look their faces on the game

Nintengo 1985

No Michael Gallup. Didn’t even test Eli Apple? This was Linehans offense.

Jim Mears

Wow this comment section is a gold mine of coaches and expert sports analysts. Does ESPN know about this comment section? NFL aware of the amazing talent here?

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