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ᴄᴏᴡʙᴏʏs ɴᴀᴛɪᴏɴ Reply

Man Maher has to go

    Jared Morrow Reply

    Preach it

    Head Coach Reply

    Cant afford someone else.

    Marvin Vaughters Reply

    He’s hand picked by Garrett. Because of how far he can kick. But what good is that with no accuracy?

Russell Jennings Reply

We a mess. Every piece of the team has fallen apart. Something is going on in the locker room. Has to be.

    Head Coach Reply

    @William Taylor I dont blame him at all

    Head Coach Reply

    @William Taylor he talks to jerry. His boss.

    William Taylor Reply

    @E Rank The coaching last night was a non-issue. Our injuries up the middle to Woods, Van der Neck, and Heath are exposing our lack of quality depth. But the main reason for the underperformance of late is that the team has quit on Garrett. When you see that your head coach can’t manage the game, that your owner is the only guy you have to answer to, well what’s the point of playing hard? You’re treated like royalty as a Cowboy, even though you haven’t done squat. Jerry has turned the players into spoiled children. They crumble under adversity. The cancer is spreading rapidly.

Bluestars Reply

Let’s face it, the team has quit on Garrett. No one believes in Garrett. It’s time to move on. The team has spoken. #FIREGARRETT

    Bluestars Reply

    @E Rank That’s nonsense. I work for the league, I see this all the time. I work closely with this team, hell, I text with the players weekly. This team IS BROKEN! The players have heart and passion, but they are in disarray! Garrett’s tenure is over and the team knows it. The Jones’s have already reached out to Lincoln Riley and Urban Meyer. If by a miracle they win the division, where do they go from there? They won’t beat Seattle on the road with this team. So exactly what is their motivation? Because that’s what this team can’t find.

    E Rank Reply

    @Bluestars the players sitting on the side line holding their heads down is heart and passion, yeah ok, and the motivation should come from the money they get that they use to take care of their family with, thats all the motivation they should need, you play for that, and the winning is another motivation, evertbody thinks making a coaching change fixes the problem and makes the team a winning team, whose to say either one of them coaches will have success, them coaches can be worse than Garrett if everybody thinks Garrett is the real problem, its not Garretts fault the defense with all the missing tackles, its not Garretts fault the kicker missing all them field goals, its not Garretts fault the recievers missing catches, its not Garretts fault with the bad throws from Dak, i guess a new coach means the defense doesnt miss tackles, the kicker doesnt miss field goals, the recievers dont drop balls, Dak doesnt maje bad throws is what your thinking huh, thats nonsense, these players have to be accountable for their lack of effort and execution on the field, and off the field, Garret is just one of the problems, not THE problem, these players are part of the problem and the owner is also a big part of the problem, a new head coach doesnt fix this team, a new head coach doesnt make this team a playoff contending team and a new head coach doesnt make this team a Super Bowl contending team, anybody who believes that is just nonsense thinking, these players have to execute on the field, they have to play with passion and heart every play and believe they can win, these players have no belief in themselves and it shows with the inconsistency from week to week

    Bluestars Reply


    E Rank Reply

    @Bluestars obviously you dont know a damn thing either if you think a new head coach fixes the problem you dumbfuck!!

Talkin Bout Nawlins Reply

Easy to see tonite, Richard hoodwinked the cowboys.Hes worthless.

    tyrannosaurus mex Reply

    I agree

    Shady Is Back Reply


Matty Bonez92 Reply

Jerry ruined this franchise

    Jondavid Bristow Reply

    This franchise is screwed as long as the Jones family owns it

John Crabtree Reply

This team sucks right now in all facets of the game another week of excuses

jeremy x Reply

Im waiting to hear Nick and others say how poorly Gen Sean Lee has been playing as far as poor tackling
His “use to be” forte

I’m saying Lee because he’s been hailed as the best defender for si long

Do not true these past 2 years
It’s only said poor tackling without who’s most disappointing in this

Opposing QBs getting more time to pass and lanes to improvise and convert than our QB

Sure Dak’s dropped off regardless of leading the league in passing
And our offense is looking poor despite being #1 – #3

Receivers are dropping dimes
And Prescott’s being off-target more lately

I’m at a loss
I know Kellen Moore’s a rookie OC

But we were promised he had much experience to catch him if he slips

That hasn’t happened either

Defense and special teams are the biggest enemy thus far this season

teampenn2007 Reply

Keep denying, Jerry. That will change it. Just keep denying it.

    Asmodeus Reply

    He’s senile

Steven Kasper Reply

Brett Maher misses his 10th FG of season _ most in the league. Time to start firing players and coaches who dont do their job!

    Head Coach Reply

    Idk about head coaches

John Reyes Reply

I dont understand why in just about every game, Zeke is crushing it. Then the 2nd half the coaches stop giving him the ball. Also, dak forgets that he can scramble. So many times he had space n decided to take a sack or just throws it away. Garrett needs to go too

ΛLΛΠ 1993 Reply

every player is playing for themselves now, thats the problem. trust is gone

Head Coach Reply

I gotta find a new job. Cant take this anymore.

    Jaguar Warrior Reply

    I heard there’s a spot in the booth, talk sports. Heck” You got all three titles in the industry. Owner, President, and General Manager and you got your hands full on head coach.

    Head Coach Reply

    @Jaguar Warrior I need everything

South Texas Reply

Defense is so predictable You see the reason Maher wasn’t in the NFL until Dallas signed him at 28 years old Their enamored with distance and not accuracy

South Texas Reply

Looney needs to see the field

Jay Jay Reply

1. Garrett should’ve been FIRED 5 years ago.‬
‪2. Dallas Offense Lacks Creativity: Zeke & Pollard should play simultaneously. ‬
‪Start Jarwin; Bench Witten. No Seam-routes with Witten.
‪3. Marinelli’s Defense is TOO Vanilla. Average QBs look like Rodgers & Brees.‬
4. Need a better Kicker.

Mystery Man Reply

The first word…LOST! Again and how upsetting that Cowboys can’t pick it up.

Brian Waller Reply

This team is just pure pathetic. Sad part is this game went EXACTLY how I thought it would go.

Jaguar Warrior Reply

Can this team win? How hard is winning and is winning too much to ask for? Let’s GO!

alwaysopen Reply

6-10. I accept it.

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