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Playoff bound | Packers Unscripted

Mike and Wes discuss the Packers clinching a postseason berth and where they stand (3:20), how the team has gotten to 11-3 (8:07), the key stat of the season (13:52), and the stars of the victory over the Bears, including RB Aaron Jones and WR Davante Adams on offense (16:13) and DL Kenny Clark and Dean Lowry on defense (19:29).

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First packers keep going and take the wins baby!!!!

Joshua Gilbert

Come on 13-3

Jed Mount

The packers are capable of greatness. They still have a big play coming from the return game with Irvin. Go pack!

Jed Mount

I was wondering when they were gnna mention turnovers. The Packers just dont turn over the football. Period.

    Jay Walker

    In our losses we have given the ball up on turnovers but if we get turnovers we win

Yi Wei Zhang

We can’t count on turnovers again top tier teams… we need to play more efficiently on offense. They can do, just need the consistency. Defense isn’t bad but it showed we have problems at times like in 49ers game. How do we match up against Seahawks or Saints… I don’t know. I do know that I’d feel better about them if it’s at Lambeau.

Vijay Swearingen

“By hook or by crook” lol

Marvin M.

Great Video

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