Players React to Bringing a Championship back to Kansas City | Chiefs Championship Parade – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Yo go chiefs

Lil Kali

Chiefs are #1 🥳

biggs013 nrd

Lets go chiefs

All about the Brandkamp’s

Super bowl champs. How about those CHIEFS!!!

Kevin Hernandez

How bout them… CHIEFS

Tyler Hildreth

I love Frank Clark man. He’s so genuine with his words whether he’s talking smack or talking about how much it means to be a champion.

Brian Bierman

chiefs all the way

Chukwunweike Okeze

Chiefs Kingdom number 1. Let’s do it all over again.


    Wakuzi inyaga ugu waaga dang jengo ilbala wagaga Somalia miyaga 💪

kansascity online

good video.. Chief dynasty coming on.. !!.. how bout those chi eeeeeeeeefs….

Crazy Whop

We are all so damn proud of our CHIEFS. WAY TO GO TEAM. Thank you CHIEFS KINGDOM

Bray Forte

I love every single one of these guys. What a time to be alive as a KC native and die-hard Chiefs fan.

David Durham

I’m so proud of each and every chiefs team member! Thank you for fighting to the top and winning! I wish I could thank you each one by one for keeping positive, the chiefs team a.k.a chiefs kingdom!

Jeremy Hanson

I love how Frank Clark is speaking about how great Chris Jones is; as Chris Jones is three feet away chugging a beer in the back ground!!!!

    Glen Dakan

    That was epic AF

jose velazco

Championship Swagger baby !!!!!!!

jose velazco

Family Football and Food = Kansas City

KC Bean

Cheers from a Raider’s aficionado!

Tj Gotchall

Frank clark is hands down my favorite player on the team

Phil E

It was hilarious watching Chris Jones do a long pour while Frank Clark was talking about how great it is to be his teammate.

Jeff Mills

wonderful group of young men.
bless you..i waited 50 years…

Armando Colon

LET’S GO CHIEFS!! We did we finally did it!!! We brought that Lamar Hunt 🏆 back home!! And now we brought that LOMBARDI to Arrowhead!!! 🏹 #Kingdom 🏹 🔥💪💯🔥🏹 #LetsBringMore

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