Player’s Lounge: Where Do We Go From Here? | Dallas Cowboys 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Player’s Lounge: Where Do We Go From Here? | Dallas Cowboys 2020

Newy Scruggs, Danny McCray and Barry Church debate where the Dallas Cowboys go next with QB Dak Prescott after reports of him potentially holding out this offseason, while sharing their thoughts on who they would select in the 2020 NFL Draft and more on this episode of the Player's Lounge!

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Funny thing both Former Dallas Cowboys bumb safeties hating on a Beast like Jamal Adams. Woods and HaHa neither better then the top 4 Safeties this year or last year or the year before, 🤦🏽‍♂️. That’s why they both never pan out.


    @Vicdamone Church was better than Marion.


    @Vicdamone We’re all glad you’re not the GM. You’d kill the cap before we have a chance to draft.

    Bg3 DaPoeMc

    Vicdamone all those players aren’t even from the same generation and teams bro ?? Church is better then Heath Roy better then them both and Woodson better then them all , I know my team bro

    Bg3 DaPoeMc

    Vicdamone something like that

    Bg3 DaPoeMc

    jarjon76 who ??

Jimmy Cruz

@barrychurch you don’t think we need a safety. Eventhough both are free agents next year ?

Chris Graham

Diggs or Terrell

Gerald East

Have you watched any of the witcher yet?


Good Girls is a pretty good series

Bg3 DaPoeMc

🗣 We need all defense !! Best defensive player available !! Defense the whole draft , maybe Oline in the later rounds !!!

William Becker

answer me this who are the first 20 best athletes, regardless of position in the draft?

Equal Opportunity War Criminal

The Cowboys are never going to win anything with this Dak. They should trade him, and draft QB Jordan Love.

Jammal Williams

” Dak yards were not trash” Cowboys D- fence was garbage” Cowboys played mostly from behind, so Dak had pass more, also special team play was trash..

Mike Tisone

Jerry outta bring in cam Newton!


Diggs is a very good corner but he is not fast his speed is definitely his biggest concern

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