Pick 6 Mailbag Featuring PA: Dom Capers’ Role on Defense, Rookie Poised To Breakout in 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Pick 6 Mailbag Featuring PA: Dom Capers’ Role on Defense, Rookie Poised To Breakout in 2020

The Voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen, is back for another edition of the Pick 6, and this week he looks at how Dom Capers can make an impact with the Minnesota Vikings defense, Gary Kubiak taking over as Offensive Coordinator, what rookie from last season could take a big step forward in 2020, the odds of the Vikings pulling off a big trade like the other Minnesota teams have done recently, and more.

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Keith James

“Getting to the Super Bowl and winning the Super Bowl.”
I lol’d irl.
Let’s keep trolling ‘em.

Greg Hakes

Don Capers is a waste of time and money. His Defense when he was with the Green Bay
Packers was mediocre at best. The only reason they won a SB. was because of a young
un-stopable Aaron Rogers.

    Keith James

    Shut up, Greg Hakes.
    Just shut up.


    What is your opinion based on?
    They had a good defense for years despite not putting a whole lot of money on that side of the ball. Admittedly they did poorly the last couple years he was there, but how could you possibly know it was because of Dom Capers?
    If he’s so bad why has he been a head coach or d coordinator for nearly 3 decades?

Isaac Bauer


marcus sway

So….. anyone ever gonna say what the heck happened to Wobby???

cody iremonger

I love my Vikes, but these segments are just talking pieces. YEAH. THE LONG SNAPPER IS GOING TO BE THE ROOKIE WHO TAKES THE BIGGEST LEAP. come on.

Austin 123

I like it. But one thing…
Change the thumbnail. We shall never see a Packers hat on a thumbnail ever please

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