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I was at the mall during the first half and bought a Wentz Jersey then I took a cab to a Cinema and Draft house and wore it there and there was one Cowboys couple there and the rest Eagles Fans we went at it!


Let the bronco Buck ike


The emblem on Carson’s shirt is a cowboy hat BTW lol

Thomas Henesey

Fly Eagles Fly. Great Win. Next week is gonna be tough but they’ll prevail. Theyre resilient. They looked dialed in from the start today and determined to win. This was the most confident they looked all.season.

    drealmerz7 z

    helps that the cowboys/dak prescott sucked

    Thomas Henesey

    @drealmerz7 z That’s not a good excuse. Everyone said the Eagles would get torched because how bad Dallas beat the Rams last week and how they have one of the best offenses in the league and Eagles cant win because they have so many injuries and back ups and practice squad guys starting. Eagles went out and shut down what was called one of the best offenses in the league. Eagles secondary had been ok at best this season and has been torched constantly this year and went and held Zeke to 54 yards rushing and forced Dak to pass 40+ times. Eagles offense came out with great distribution and a solid run game. This was the biggest test for both teams this season and the Eagles came out and played solid ball on both sides and won. Spare the well Dak sucked bullshit.

    drealmerz7 z

    @Thomas Henesey but he did suck…and don’t say “everyone” – just speak for yourself

    me michael

    drealmerz7 z I mean everyone was sayin that lol

    me michael

    Thomas Henesey we held zeke to 40+ rushing yards actually😎

Thomas Henesey

Loved that we contained Zeke and made Dak.have to throw and become one demensional.

Thomas Henesey

Ike was def on point with his point about Jenkins. All season hes looked lack luster and didnt seem like he was to amped up to play but he came alive today. He showed why hes a captain.


@14:58 G-Ward be scoring points with the ladies, even Doug’s wife. The Philadelphia Practice Squads Balled out!!!!


Go Eagles!


Go Eagles! The Eagles are a dope bunch of dudes, they really balled out!

    Pete Samuels

    BigLove101 Real Dope!!!! Let’s go Eagles!!!


Pay Greg Ward!

Dawson Garret

We already knew Wentz played great in big stages. 2017 was one of the best years I’ve ever seen from a quarterback. Only difference is he had more weapons

helicopter weewee

Eagles 31
Giants 20


ALL CRITICISM AGAINST CARSON WENTZ COMES TO AN END AS THE DIVISION TITLE was ON THE LINE WAS CHOKED UP BY THE COWGIRLS🤣 and rightfully won by Carson wentz and the eagles in the biggest game of his career. Carson proved once again that he’s better than Dak by beating The cowboys with a eagles team with a squad full of practice squad receivers and banged up tight ends , no starting RT, no starting receivers and no starting running back against the cowboys “talented “ defense and dak had nothing but passing yards to pad up his stats once again against the eagles horrible horrible defense with over throws. He didn’t even throw a TD 😩😂😂😂😂 bruh… if you can’t even throw a touchdown pass all game to a receiver against the eagles defense, why do u ask for 40M?🥱💀this season Carson has 26 TD’s and 7 INTS and dak has 26 TD’s and 11 INTS 🥺 and dak has all of these passing yards and all of these weapons on offense for dak but has more INTS than wentz and isn’t winning much ? Wow I’m speechless . last week was the first time Dak beat a team with a winning record all season while wentz has already beat 3 teams with a winning record this season . Passing yards don’t mean everything if you can’t find a way to score the football especially when Jameis Winston leads the league right now in passing yards , passing touchdowns and INTS😩😂. Career stats : Dak has 93 TD’s and 36 INTS without ever missing a game to injury since being in the league and wentz has 96 TD’s and 35 INTS even tho he missed 8 games to injury. wentz is way better. Imagine if wentz had played those 8 extra games , there stats would be even more distant favoring Carson wentz. For everyone who wants to mention the loss the eagles took earlier this year. In 2017 week 11 when zeke was suspended, Carson wentz whooped dak 37-9. Zeke now has 1 loss against the eagles. Dak needs zeke if we wants a chance to even beat the eagles

    Ashton Swartz

    This is all true


    Ashton Swartz thank you 🤝

    Ashton Swartz

    @FloWavy I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who read the whole thing


Ike Reese lookin like a proud father lol. LTBB!

drealmerz7 z



    drealmerz7 z

    but really the offense almost blew it, again

nicky lup

Fly Eagles Fly—“”I LOVE THE EAGLES”””

Rudolph Watson

I always said Doug should play the younger guys to see what they can do! Shout out congrats to from Wentz it came! Greg Reward jr.! Run for miles Sanders! Dallas Got it! Eagles Dallas Goedert That is ! And Co. ! Great win guys!!!!! Go Birds!!!!!!! 😊👍👏

Ah-ma-wa Ya-sha-ah-la

Greg Ward should definitely be signed right now.. They should be putting something together as I am typing this.. What did they miss about him in training camp is my question? He can do sooo much on the field. (Versatile player)

Joshua Stein


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