Pete Carroll Postgame Press Conference at Packers | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Pete Carroll Postgame Press Conference at Packers | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Hear from Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll following the Seahawks 23-28 loss to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field during the Divisional round of playoffs.

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Opinionated 1

We need changes made in our secondary. Either two good cornerbacks/safeties will put us over the top or one prime time corner or safety

    Blood Cousin


    Colonel Cosby

    @Banquet Meal When you choose to have a top 5 best wr in the game covered by your 4th and 5th string DB that is 100% coaching fault my guy lol

    Finesse_ Phenom

    Brian Koski we couldn’t cuz we needed to pay russ

    Erezell Huddleston

    Need a new QB Wilson is trash


    Spock B i agree with Griffin and Diggs being good but i feel Mcdougauld is very inconsistent, he was like Clowney, he would have one very good game and then have a downfall game the next so either he gets better or they should move on from him as well

Alexander Vu

That was a good season for Seahawks but we will play next season.


Proud of us, Pete. We overachieved this year. Then the injuries came.

    Scott A

    Injuries lol

    Coach Clap

    @Jacob Miles every team has injuries.

    shane nelson

    @Blood Cousin 9ers are banging each other come on man its frisco

    Blood Cousin

    shane nelson yeeeeeee

Jason Venecia

I’m so proud of you hawks!


New cornerback, new o line, not as much injuries and we’ll be fine next year

    Erezell Huddleston

    Just got some cheese to go with that wine tonight that’s all better luck next year oh yeah Wilson is trash he holds the ball to long


    New conditioning and strength trainer too.
    Dude is notorious for over working and having players getting injured prior and during the season.

    Blood Cousin

    Seahawks are trash , GO NINERE


    @Blood Cousin You must be very productive.

    Blood Cousin

    operationNOBO you must listen to Steve Earle like a loser

Elisha Roberson

Good season guys
Let’s work on our defense
And let’s work on stop playing slow in the beginning
If start good and keep playing good we will do good

    Blood Cousin


    shane nelson

    @Blood Cousin say whhhaaatttt? Niners dont gangbang women bro come on now haha everyone knows that much

Buddy Hampton

Pete go find a defensive coordinator for a start!!!

    Zizou 10

    @Skoden Fineden if turner didnt drop the pass, we won for sure!

    Blood Cousin


    Love Steelers

    @SmolderingIce fire Carroll. Dudes an idiot. Bad coach, acts like a schoolgirl on prom night on sidelines…. detest him.
    Glad they lost, hate everything about Seattle… from it’s liberal scumbag population, to its shitty team, and shitty weather, there’s nothing about Seattle that is even remotely likable… especially it’s shitty fans and pathetic coach

    Love Steelers

    @Zizou 10 no, you wouldn’t have, Seacocks SUCK


    Blood Cousin ……Y’all are 1-1 against a team who’s “trash”……


Alisson Rodrigo

– Upgrade the OL (Let Ifedi go)
– A new defensive coach
– Figure out to try to play better 4 quarters and play better at home.
– Move on on Tre Flowers.

    yum yum

    operationNOBO 💯

    Delshawn Staten

    I was with u till u said move on from flowers

    Blood Cousin

    Seahawks are trash

    Blood Cousin

    Like your mommas box

    Ian Hamilton

    @Delshawn Staten flowers sucks.


Defense needs improvement


    Yeah but we have like 5-6 injuries

    Aisian ThreeQUISIANS

    Alexa not on defense like nearly everyone was healthy except for ziggy. The defense is just trash. No other way to put it. That’s on pete


    What good is a defense if there is no offense!???

    Skoden Fineden

    no excuses, suppose ta be pro’s.
    new dc please.
    someone thats agressive.


    No doubt it does … 26th ranked D isn’t cutting it

steve mitchell

I’m a Cardinals fan but it’s always a pleasure to watch Russell Wilson play QB, win or lose.

    James Burlingham

    Shut up white guy

    12th Man Pride

    @James Burlingham Man shut your mouth

    Travis Lassa

    Kyler’s going to be one of the best. Good luck next season.


    Both Russel and Murray needs a O-line

    Travis Lassa

    X.Ivan.X Most definitely


As much good Pete has brought…he doesn’t change his style nor does he adjust until the 2nd half.
Wilson is handcuffed every first half.
There needs to be a change in the mindset of game planning and adjusting quickly.


    @Jack man Well, when there is a history of issues that determine games…then yes.
    Do you think a respected college coach would survive having slow first halves for multiple seasons?

    Jack man

    operationNOBO ????? They lost cuz the Refs blew that call lmfao Graham was easily a half yard short smh


    @Jack man No…they played a garbage first half and put up 3 pts. Defense didnt adjust. Pete approved a 50 yd fg try in 23 degrees. The list goes on.

    Anony Moose

    I think it’s a huge issue when they guy says “Oh, well be fine! We have Russell Wilson!”. He needs to act like he doesn’t have RW and plan as such.

    Anony Moose

    @Jack man, that’s not why they lost. That just didn’t help. Who know’s if GB goes for it on 4th and inches, or kicks a FG to go up by 8. No, the missed FG, the dropped pass by Malik Turner, and most of all having the absolute worst defensive scheme and play calling is what lost them the game.


Hey pete how did you not see the griffin brothers 3rd down clutch sack?

    Tal Keetna

    Yeah that was a weird response. Was he checking his cell phone during that play?

Brian Koski

I believe that it was the 1st time in NFL history that twin brother’s combined on a sack together.
That was way-cool.

    Kwame Morgan

    @X.Ivan.X We didnt want to play the Seahawks again. Russ is a beast. Its set up for us to get this 6th Ring now


    @Kwame Morgan I’m a Seahawk fan but I am proud of the 49ers as they are in our division the toughest in the NFL.

    Kwame Morgan

    @BonerMaroner that matchup wouldve been too close for comfort. I love a good matchup but I want a ring

eddie castro

We need to get rid of these Pencil Neck cornerbacks

    Hassan Monzon

    No we need tre gone, we could have had Peter’s or Jalen Ramsey and we failed to lock them down


    Tre is nonchalant he’s soft and always getting beat playing catch up or a holding call smh he’s not good enough get rid of him please.

    Nate Hester

    HELL YEAH!! Flowers  GOT TO GO!!

    Nate Hester

    I don’t want any part of Jalen Ramsey or the drama he brings to the locker room.

    James Krys

    Dont you wish we still had Sherm?

Nico John Cervano

Fire Ken Norton!!

Tee S

You guys are a good team.This is Coming from a 49ers.


    Tee S as a SeaHawks fan; 49’ers r pretty darn hot this year. 🙂 and I do appreciate they hired a female assistant coach:)


    Thanks brotha … Good luck in the NFC title game … 49rs in a great position …


    Mad props & Respect bro… Good Luck


You guys had a hell of a season coming from a niners fan. Honestly I thought jimmy was short on that 3rd down. But in the end just happy to see the best rivalry in the NFL is back.

    Ryan Scarborough

    2 great games between the teams this year and hopefully more in the near future. Good luck!! You guys got this.

    Ivan The terrible

    Hope you guys destroy the Packers. JG deserves it more. Good luck…

    Steve Johnston

    So true …nothing better than watching the Seahawks vs 49ers NFC championship we will see it next year
    I’ll be rooting for y’all

m h

I think the drop pass by Turner with 4 minutes left was the deciding play.

Cameron Smith

9rs vs Hawks would have been a good, close game. 9ers vs Packers will be a blowout just like before. 49rs V. Chiefs in the SB


    Cameron, would love to see SF/Titans SB. I can’t sleep on Tennessee


    idk bro, don’t sleep on dem Titans & Definitely don’t doubt Aaron Rogers… from a long time Seahawks fan… das a Baaad Man (Stephen A. Smith voice, LOL).


    I hope it’ll be Chiefs in the end hoisting the Lombardi… imma laugh So hard tho if it turns out to be Titans vs.😂🤣😀

Rey Garibay

Find replacements for Ifedi, Tre Flowers and DC Ken Norton.

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