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    Ashton Swartz

    Why why

King Vlogs

we need zach to come back

    Compassionate Living

    We didn’t last game. Sure hope he’s in tho!

    Dylan Gonzalez

    I think we can manage this Seattle game without him with Geodert on a roll right now but Ertz will be huge if we want to go on a deep run.

    King Vlogs

    Dylan Gonzalez we can also run with boston bc seattle doesn’t have good backfield. if he break the d line he gone

    Puppygod Yt

    King Vlogs lmao not good backfield we get diggs back bud surprise and we get clownly which he did. Not play week 14 against u guys and still got pressure on u. Lmao look out for clownly

Family Gross48

Fly Eagles Fly 🦅💚🦅🦅💚🦅💚🦅


Please win. As you know, they are 7-1 on the road and have had our # since 2008! Just asking for 1 win against these guys.

    Solomon Wilder

    neetrab I say we are DUE!!!🦅🦅🦅🦅


    @Solomon Wilder exactly. Shucks, we’re overdue!

Will Cohill

Love this team

Will Cohill

This is growing wentz as a player for the rest of his career

Will Cohill

Guys who show up big in my opinion deserve to have a spot on the team @ward @perk @boston I don’t like how white side is playing he really needs to step up I don’t see the hungry dog the whole team is playing with I just don’t see it in white side I know I’m not there to see his progress in practice etc but I watch the games I wish the best all I want is a lil more effort #gobrids 🦅💚🦅💚🦅💚🦅💚🦅💚

Pedro Camacho


    Louis Schulze

    Go eagles*

William F. Buckley Jr

In the 80s, I hated Joe Gibbs and Tom Landry.
In the 90s, I hated Jimmy Johnson, Jimmy Johnson, and Jimmy Johnson.

Now…Pete Carroll makes me want to establish shrines to those coaches in my “EAGLES room”.

William F. Buckley Jr

Dear Fellow EAGLES-maniacs,

Let’s show the SeaTurkeys why we don’t assign a number to ourselves, rather, we assign SEVENTY THOUSAND numbers to ourselves.

PS: Fifteen yards and a 1st down, is worth it to separate Wilson’s shoulder from the rest of his body.

nicky lup

Fly Eagles Fly


Fly. Eagles. Fly. On. The. Road. To. Victory

drealmerz7 z

love Pete and these games

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