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Perry Fewell Press Conference

Perry Fewell speaks to the media on Wednesday after practice.

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Jordan Jordan

Hope for a better season next year 😄😄😄😄😄

Jeremiah Belaski

Y’all took to long to take Kyle Allen out. We needed will Grier in, not a new coach. The coach is not the problem. We need a new quarterback or put will Grier in. We’d prolly be looking at the playoffs if we had will in. But next year if cam isn’t fully healed Kyle Allen will be 3rd string, then cam healing, and starting will.

    sanders journet

    Jeremiah Belaski Kyle will be else where we hope.

Marvin Ollison

Tepper told him to start him

Nate Funk

About Damn Time!!! Wil Greer Is The Panthers Future at Qb, Mark My Word’s

    sanders journet

    Nate Funk until Sunday maybe when he blows it just like Kyle I hope not but I just can’t see anybody else but cam winning here.

    Captainzoomboy Gaming

    No look how bad he was last year

Playa from the Himalayas

Perry need to get back to SNL. This football coach method acting ain’t working.

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