Perry Fewell Discusses Will Grier’s First-Team Reps | Carolina Panthers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Perry Fewell Discusses Will Grier’s First-Team Reps | Carolina Panthers

Interim head coach Perry Fewell addresses the media before the Panthers week 16 matchup with the Colts. Fewell on Grier, "we're trying to put Will Grier in a situation to have success. We've tried to get him ready for the Indy week to play, don't know if he'll start or not."

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Tony Donnell

First like and first comment 😎we need cam back 💯😒

Wolverine Heat

Just say that Will Grier is starting Damn it What do we got to lose

    Wolverine Heat

    Saint Christian That’s the whole point we do know so just say it. A rookie QB in Grier needs to know his coach is behind him. All this evaluate bs Fewell saying makes it seem like he don’t wanna start him.

    Sharonda Hughes

    Hell, what’s the worst that can happen if he starts….. let me guess ( they will lose the game) 🤔🤔😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😔😔😔


    Sharonda Hughes. Worst that can happen is we lose and get a better draft pick so it’s actually a pretty good thing.

    Sharonda Hughes

    Hell he might mess around and win

    trill 1

    He learned from Ron lol


You know you’re a panther fan when you wear two panthers shirts lmao 🤣

    Jordan Jordan

    Thats dedication 100% 😄

Jamie Bryan

Y’all said that y’all were going to have a decision by today why lie about it just START WILL GRIER man

    trill 1

    They said they were going to start Will 5 minutes after his press conference yesterday. Idk why he’s acting like that. I guess he learned a lot from Ron lol.



    Daniel Wise Sr.

    Ok don’t worry!!! Not sure if you heard the new… Sports Illustrated Johnathan Jones interview Cam yesterday… Cam’s qoute! ” I’M NOT GOING NOWHERE!!!” ( Keep Pounding!!!)

Dabking 69

Perry’s face when they ask “what’s wills sense of humor”😂

Demetris Miller

Since it’s officially draft season. I hope the Panthers draft my two favorite players from the draft. Derrick Brown or Andrew Thomas. Panthers need a franchise Left Tackle because I’m not sold on Greg Little because of his three injuries.

Allen Gregg

About time!!!

hi I have waffles your welcome

jus y’all wait till cam is healthy

    Daniel Wise Sr.

    @ASL you wish!!! Sports Illustrated Johnathan Jones interviewed Cam Newton yesterday! And his quote! “I AIN’T GOING NOWHERE”!!! Keep Pounding!!!


    @Daniel Wise Sr. lol until he gets hurt again and the team goes 5-11 AGAIN

    Daniel Wise Sr.

    @ASL That’s not accurate my friend…. All of Cam’s injuries came from with in the Pocket except the lizfrank injury…. Meaning Kyle, Cam and Grier will risk injury until the Oline is addressed…..


    @Daniel Wise Sr. can’t fix the o line if you dont have the cap space. Linemen are expensive. Thus cam will get hurt again in the pocket because we couldn’t afford a decent line of protection. Take allens cheaper contract, trade cam for a first rounder, draft jaylen hurts with that pick. Sign quality big mauler linemen with the extra cap, and have us a good ole fashioned qb preseason battle.

    Tee Tee

    Yes let’s pick up someone else’s straps and overpay them. How’d that work out for The Giants?

Trunk khloeum

Greensboro NC #1 Carolina Panthers fan. Good luck this weekend Panthers. Panthers pride.


    Trunk khloeum – Greensboro NC #2 Carolina Panthers fan! I can’t claim #1 since your comment was first!

    Trunk khloeum

    Claim #1 Carolina Panthers fan. Because I still true to me teams. Win or lose I still love my Panthers. This year I watch the very Panthers games to the end. Even we suck right now. One day we be back on track. Panthers pride to all the true fans out there.


luck on Sunday : – )


We want QB1 healthy and back!

Dallen Pierson

Dj got snubbed

Marvin Ollison

David Tepper made y’all play Grier

    Finley Jeanbatiste

    It was our only choice Allen had his time but i just want see how grier performs

B Walsh

This coach is a yes man Bimbo….

Anoop Pillai

Grant Delpitt if possible. Secondary has never had blue blood talent for what, more than a decade now.

Santacruz Hippysurfer

Let kaepernick play already ~ 🐧

    Nick Byler

    Santacruz Hippysurfer lol

david vance

I like how there thinking the QB is the problem. LOL what a joke of a team

Shawn Clark

Perry looks lost

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