Pats Offense Comes Out Hot on Opening TD Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Pats Offense Comes Out Hot on Opening TD Drive

Tom Brady and the Patriots run game start the game off with a quick opening drive for the touchdown. The New England Patriots take on the Cincinnati Bengals durinyg Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season.

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NFL Patriots Bengals

Ya Boi Tom

Pretty easy when you film the schemes

    J Dragon

    Emperor Palpatine but they proved they did film the bengals it makes no difference

    Ya Boi Tom

    Emperor Palpatine sure buddy

    Chase Lucas

    They’re 1 and 12 shut up

    Marka Ragnos

    Emperor Palpatine you’re in denial. The Patriots are trash unless they’re actively cheating. We all saw what they were doing last week.

IPlayOnGamecube -

Y’all playing the bengals 😴

Ale Carrus

that film on the bengals really paying off huh

    Eugene Rollins

    Did the Bengals watch any of their own film

Josue Tejada

The Pats tried taping this team?

Jonah Mata

Someone’s been watching film

    Blacks For Trump 2020

    @Chad Atherton patriot “fans” are delusional lol

    Chad Atherton

    @Legend__ 21 wow legend you are so clever.


    Jonah Mata 😂😂😂

    Legend__ 21

    @Chad Atherton ThAnKs ChAD👍🏾

Shae Christensen

I mean they know all the Bengals plays how hard it can be?

    K W

    Shae Christensen Didn’t have enough time to steal the offensive play calls though

Lui Kali

They do this coming off of recording them 😂😂

    Lui Kali

    And it’s the bengals


Looks like they have been watching some film


The Islolater

The film

DedSec 117

I came for the film jokes 🤣

Zane M

I’d love to have the Bengals win this, especially after what the patriots did last week.

    Zane M

    Original6Productions there’s teams playing better than them 🤷🏽‍♂️


    @Love Steelers why is a steelers fan trying to call me a moron. good joke


    Zane M I mean there have been teams playing better than them for years… The rams and chiefs last year.

    Grav Force

    ​@Zane M Zane how long have you been watching football? Do you always watch with your fee-fees? Try using your head sometimes.

    Michael Machado

    the Patriots did nothing none of the players or the team did nothing idiot it was idiots like you who think that they did. The film’s never been seen it was already destroyed idiot…

Chris & Ty Cox - Slots

Patriots better not lose to the Bengals. Y’all better do what ever means necessary. Let the air out the ball or something

    Yo Yo

    Chris & Ty Cox – Slots filming 8 minutes of signals use is not the same. Pathetic cheaters

    Ofelia Estrada

    @Chris & Ty Cox – Slots That was a long time ago bro

    Chris & Ty Cox - Slots

    @Yo Yo okay 👍

    Chris & Ty Cox - Slots

    @Ofelia Estrada yeah that was called humor

    Nick Kinsey

    Chris & Ty Cox – Slots you clearly feel some type of way . Go get a job and stop hating on YouTube homie 🤷🏽‍♂️

Jesse Dell Ross

Why would the pats try to steal signals from a 1 win team?

Hey pats haters, there’s a thing in your head called a brain. Maybe you should use it.

    steeleru7 Burgh

    Jesse, The reason people call your team “Cheaters” is because they HAVE A BRAIN!

    steeleru7 Burgh

    @B Money Oh please! So do the Steelers and long before the Pats.

    Jesse Dell Ross

    steeleru7 Burgh lol is that why people still believe the pats taped the rams walkthrough even though that story was proven to be bs?

    Sit down boy

    Yo Yo

    Pathetic cheaters 😂stay delusional cheatriot fans

    Larry Scary

    I agree and I’m a Vikings fans. It’s redickulous to think they were trying to steal signs from a 1-12 team

Leroy Rodgers

Brady is getting no protection on these throws


    He doesn’t need that much protection for designed slants and drags. But he does a good job of moving around in the pocket if he needs to make an throw outside the numbers.

    Yo Yo

    He cheats so it’s no problem

steeleru7 Burgh

Oh please just like Pats fans say, “It’s the Bengals,” dismissing other team’s wins. Oh, I forgot. Where’s the tape? Are the spy’s onto next week’s team?


For the Patriots it’s like watching a movie you’ve already seen before… You know what’s gonna happen.

    Eugene Rollins


Hector Rodriguez

Once a cheater always a cheater period

    Captain America America

    Once jealous sore loser, always a jealous sore loser

Casket Mob

my thing is why do the patriots get called out for stealing signals when every team has been caught doing it, not a pats fan just wondering . same thing with the deflated footballs , nobody called out the steelers for doing it in 2016 , the nfl just said that balls can become deflated due to inclimate weather. they have cheated but jesus they have way less cheating incidents than alot of other teams, it just gets glorified because of the greatness 🤷🏿‍♂️ oh well their time is up anyways 👏👏👏

Roy M

1 more passing touchdown from TB12 = 539. This gonna be historic against Bengals w/ 1win.😆🤣

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