Patriots Prep for Week 17 vs. Dolphins | All Access – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Patriots Prep for Week 17 vs. Dolphins | All Access

In this edition of Patriots All Access presented by GEICO, REFORM Alliance co-founders Robert Kraft and Michael Rubin host a special VIP experience at Gillette Stadium for more than 50 children who have been adversely affected by an unjust probation system. Plus, Steve Burton sits down with running back Rex Burkhead and Bill Belichick previews the Patriots final regular season opponent, the Miami Dolphins. All that in more on this episode of All Access.

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Intellectual One

LET’S GO PATS!!!!!!!

Balls Yummy

They should win but who knows with their offense they need the first round bye

    Intellectual One

    Their offense is getting better. Over 270 passing yards and 200 rushing yards against the #2 defense in the league last week.

Marty Brown

Let’s go pats

S. Crago

Well Patriots production team is lacking in funding….
Butt hurt Titans fan


Honestly we probably don’t have to prepare against the dolphins but we still going for that bye so we only have to win 2 games to Super Bowl #PATSNATION


7:19 Kraft: “I can’t understand a word he said.”

Gus Clark

The Pats were playing AFC, the Bills were playing KFC.

    Sankofa Buyers

    Gus Clark 😂😂😂😆💯

Mickey Finn

I’m taking fitzy and the points! Easy money!!


1:01 “Yes! I touched him.”

    Crii Rarri

    JoeyjojoShabadoo7 next thing we knew this boy would become the next greatest quarterback of all time

Jeff's Games Zone

The Cheatriots won’t even beat the Miami Dolphins this Sunday. #Patsucks

    Russell Westbrick

    Jeff’s Games Zone ok boomer

    Jeff's Games Zone


    Anindya Ghosal


    Free Money

    “Im sorry” to be the one to break the truth to ya but every team cheats….

    Mike Larry

    You all have to excuse Jeff, this is his first Patriots season.

therion s



I absolutely love this series I’m a high School football player and I’m in love with this kinda stuff

Craig Says

Tom Brady is the greatest to ever suit it up. Officially on the NFL Top 100 Team (as we all expected him to be along with Gronk, Moss, and Coach BB)

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