Patriots Mic’d Up vs. Buffalo: “We’re playing for a hat & tee-shirt!” (Week 16) | Sights & Sounds – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
EmanTheGoat 2020Boyy

I love this team soooooooooooo much go patriots forever

    Stephen Doty

    Is that you, Gronk?

    Layla Reeves

    EmanTheGoat 2020Boyy and I love Pats fans half as much as I love Tom Brady!!

Connor Mcpherson



Please stop with the loud background music. I just want to hear the guys talk. 😑

Emperor Palpatine

Best performance by the patriots this year by far

    Tony Scott

    @kyrie junior the Steelers suck so considering the difference in quality of opponent this was definitely our best performance of the year.


    @Tony Scott we beat a big ben steelers though now they have rudolph and hodges

    Pumitri II

    You. Are. Everywhere. What team do you support?

    Emperor Palpatine

    Pumitri II the Patriots

    Pumitri II

    @Emperor Palpatine ah, I see. Gooooooood

Andrew Frank

GO PATS!!!!!!

Enzo Gorlami

Should be titled “announcers mic’ed up”

    Thomas Harris

    Enzo Gorlami There’s maybe two or three lines from players in here. This is probably the shittiest “Mic’d Up” I’ve ever watched.

    K2 Line

    This is the same crap every week. Just announcers.

    Stephen Doty

    @Thomas Harris What’s next? Sinatra singing live, mic’d up, in an overdub?

Extra Guac

LFG!!!! This gets me so hyped!!! 🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑

therion s

GO PATS!!!!!!!!!

Paul Fearon

1:23 “this crowd is lit” 🔥 lololol


I think we forgot the true meaning of what “mic’d up” means.

    Samuel Adams

    I know, right


Let’s F’ing Goooooo 💪! Go Pats!


What a game.

Manuel Hauser

Let’s gooo 💙🏈💙🏈

Mr Pan

Championship football.

Stephen Doty

0:29 You can tell Bolden takes it serious. I like him more after seeing this.
Sanu, are you taking notes?

    Pumitri II



    Stephen Doty he won’t take any notes…I mean he will gonna have a note might be in the offseason…it’s gonna say that “ you been traded to….”;)


Too bad the Buffalo secondary wasn’t micced up. Love to hear the trash they were saying. ☕🐸

Stephen Doty

You know what they said in that last defensive huddle:
“Incomplete and we get a hat, fellas. Let’s go. One size fits all.”

Layla Reeves

Let’s Gooo Pats!!!!

Gio Love

It’s no longer the superbowl without the Patriots, lets get that 7th ring.

Luis Lopez

You gotta aim for the hat and T shirt lol

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