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Hadleys Op

Not enough

    Stephen Doty

    You sound like Marilyn Chambers.

im legit your father

nice win pats lets win next week against the dolphins

    Jamie Dough

    Dolphin win 45 – 0, I called it.

    Nehemiah Ricks

    Jamie Dough ice joke


    @Jamie Dough Haha remember that crazy alley-oop lateral play at the end of last season..damn fish..

    One4All All4One

    I will bet a dollar the Pats are going to beat the Dolphins.

    Nrx N4x

    Jamie Dough Brugh dolphins sucks

Face C-Dubb

I still think it’s gonna be really really hard to beat this team💯

    Dylan Wu

    but if it were to be the ravens thats true, but the question is, can lamar jackson handle the preasure in the postseason. hes still young


    @lincolnlobster After the Dolphins it’s all over

    The Uncle Drew

    @lincolnlobster Why do people assume the Ravens are just guaranteed to make it to the AFC Game lol?

    Their first game is gonna be against the Texans or Bills, unless the Chiefs choke against the Titans or Steelers. The Texans may get Watt back and that’s the perfect equalizer to stop the run game of Baltimore. And their offense has weapons across the board.

    Then you got the Bills who almost went in there and won last time. I can’t see them losing twice against a team that’s running the same offense every week. And it’s starting to catch up with them.

    Punka Pie

    The Uncle Drew
    From your keyboard to the football gods ears….they’ll be ready for who ever they face…LFG Pats!!!


    The Uncle Drew Ummm…have you seen the Ravens lately? They haven’t lost since September. Do you really think the Texans or Bill pose any real threat to them?

Deezie 617

Aaawwwwwww yeahhhhhhh!!! LFG!!!! I will be at the game against the Dolphins!!!! I can’t wait I can mark going to a Patriots game off my bucket list.

    Punka Pie

    There will be NO Miami miracle this year!!! Have fun @Deezie 617 !!

    Kevin Hilton

    Deezie 617 yes the traffic leaving is terrible

    Kevin Hilton

    Deezie 617 but it’s worth it

    Deezie 617

    Punka Pie exactly!! Thx

    Deezie 617

    Kevin Hilton oh ok gotcha

Todd Johnson

Thuney’s awkward “lets goooo” with kraft never gets old.

    Stannis Baratheon

    I love it lol

    Stephen Doty

    He’s working with a vocal coach.

Jack Torrance

It was cool to see Slater out with the offense!!!


    A dream come true to see one of the greatest special teams players on there

    Stephen Doty

    He’s still listed on the roster as a wide receiver.




How does it feel to be a Patriots fan since coming from asia in 1989!!! Awwwwee Yeaah!!!

    Stephen Doty

    Ah so!


    Yeah buddy!!!

Mark Shay

Brady has never lost to Buffalo at Gillette in his entire career lmaooo

    Gio Love

    @Mingura666 nah dont count


    @Gio Love I hear what you’re saying, cause Brady could have won that game had he played the entire time. But according to the NFL it does technically count as one of Brady’s losses against Buffalo.

    Chris DiDonna

    @Gio Love yes it dose it counts against bradys w l record. He playrd thr whole half

    Chris DiDonna

    @Colt Dean no he didnt

    Peter Henden

    Home and away Brady is now 32 and 3 against the Bills. Wow.

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zero dislikes

Rich Miller

And now the season begins haters look out

    Quazar T

    Exactly ,no one understand that Patriots dont start the season until playoffs. This is where the weak fall off 😹


Even Bill sounded like he was excited.11 years in a row AFC East Champs.You might never see this dominance again.I have 3 kids in there 20s.All that they have seen is winning football.I always remind them that it does not last for ever

    Mike James

    Cheating never felt so good. Stop getting caught. Wooooo!


    @Mike James 6 super bowl wins woooo

    Punka Pie

    Being a long time Pats fan, I still remember those losing years all too well. I still have SuperBowl shuffle nightmares, lmao.
    I think it makes these last years even more special.

    Bruce Vidito

    I’m an old timer from when they were the Boston Patriots and didn’t even have a stadium. But good or bad I kept rooting for them. Patriots fans have definitely blessed.


Am I the only one that waits impatiently for the locker room celebration video!??? #PatsNATION 💪🏾🏉 NUMBER ☝🏾 🤷🏾‍♀️

    EL OH EL

    I’m the same lol

    Rob Lucas

    Me toooo

    Nathan Krush

    No you are not, beautiful. Go Pats!!!

    Ray Campbell

    Ah you’re the one 😆.

Cipriano Hernandez

Los Mejores Los Pats #1 👍🏈


So proud to be a born and raised Boston native. Can any city Boast two sports dynasties as the 1957-1969 C’s and 2001-present Patriots ? So far I don’t see a repeat in either sport EVER again.

    C S

    @Trev Mac

    I’m going to guess you’re directing that comment at someone else ? But not sure who. No where in my original comment did I say being from Boston makes the Patriots, C’s, Sox or any other team special. But…I am proud to be from a city that that has seen success in it’s franchises over time and history. Boston in itself has much for any resident or native to be proud of. Quality of hospitals, schools, education Not sure how you came to your particular thought….unless you are a Pat’s fan and not a native of Boston. In that case…I was saying proud to be from Boston…. nothing more, nothing less. I can’t speak on how non-Boston natives became Patriots fans, nor was I referring to that in any way….


    C S 90s Bulls: Hold my 🍺

    C S


    Respect to MJ and the Bulls. I watched those teams, but thus the 1959-1966 Celtics. *8* straight titles. The Bulls will be the closest to do it, but can’t see anyone doing 8 straight. Definitely dont see anyone doing what the Patriots have done. 8 straight title ga.e appearances. They already do e 3 Super Bowls in a row winning two. Bill’s made 4 in a row and couldn’t come out with one. Saw all those Bill’s teams and as potent as they were in the Regular season, they couldn’t get it done in the Super Bowl. That was before free agency as we know it and teams could keep Dynasties together for years. Patriots are doing it with all kind of player movement in the league today

    Lets Go

    brittle bone bobby gonna cry?

SosTdm Tdm

They can try to write us off keep on doing it national media y’all will never break our Patriots family bond ever!!!! #SCHEMEFORSEVEN

Tosh T

Edelman and Chung were drafted in 2009 to start the run. Chung left for one year of course so Jules is the only Patriot to never NOT be AFC East Champion his entire f’n career. 11 consecutive years is crazy indeed.

lawrence taylor

Only thing i dont like is how they dont show a locker room loss. These guys act like losing is abnormal. Bruh, what this franchise has done in this crazy amount of time is so remarkable. Patriots are just too good. Poor bills fans would throw a parade if they won the east. Patriots fans are giving up because we didnt get the one seed its pathetic. Even tho i still argue we should have beat the ravens. Itll be k.c coming back for a very brisk January football game in foxboro again. This time we not only have tape but we’d be playing them 4 times in 2 years. Bill will be ready


    lawrence taylor lets Goooooooo 💪! Never give up PatsNation!!!


    Dont Trip 😂 keep dreaming

    Ray Campbell

    Big freaking deal, you’re one and done in the playoffs. The dynasty is dead. Go Ravens.

    Tony Scar

    Listen, I’m from buffalo and a huge bills fan. You guys have done some remarkable things the last two decades. But, I’m going to say this as respectfully as I can, the writing is on the wall for the pats. Father Time is coming and so are the bills, Ravens and chiefs. They all look like they are going to be for real for the next decade. Idk if you guys have cheated or not but it does sound sketchy at the very least. The afc playoffs are going to be old school hard hitting matchups and I can’t wait.

    Angel Em

    Chiefs can’t guard Patriots on offense despite whatever “woes” the media says they’re is, come playoffs, pats are a different animal. Chiefs need to play perfect and no offsides this time!

Jesse Dell Ross

Pre seasons over everyone. The real seasons next week.

judy Rogers

This Boston chick is grateful for the PATRIOTS!!!!

    Punka Pie

    Damn skippy Judy!!!! LFG !!

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