Patrick Peterson Mic’d Up in Big Win vs. Dallas | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Patrick Peterson Mic’d Up in Big Win vs. Dallas | Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson was mic'd up for their huge win on Monday Night Football vs. the Dallas Cowboys.

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Tales of Lilo - Steve Reply

:p hope we keep up the energy against Seattle

XTyomii Reply

that man killed zeke lmao

David Ruelas Reply

Cmon we need that same energy vs Seattle 😈

YungTrip Reply

Same energy against the Seahawks

Cardinals 23 Reply

Keep that same energy P2 and resign with us this offseason

Anthony Garneau Reply

Gardeck at 6:06 LOL

    Sierra Parker Reply

    Omg I know! It’s almost as good as his dance!!!

    Peter Nahabedian Reply

    Awww you commented this before I did 😂😂

Ian Keller Reply

Let’s carry this mood to Seattle bois! BIRD GANG

Arizona Animal Reply

Losing Candler Jones actually forces VJ to call the defense the way he should’ve been doing long time ago,using everyone instead of sitting back and waiting for Candler Jones to get pressure.

    no pain no gain Reply

    If you say so

    R M Reply

    Chandler wasnt doing much anyways

    Braedon Lock Reply

    @R M thats the problem. All he did was send 4 man rush hoping chandler would create pressure. It wasn’t happening. And sit back in soft zone. Yesterday seemed way more like a professional coach. Showing cover 2 playing cover 1. Blitzes from blindside. Fake pressure then dropping.

    Marvin Mosley Reply

    I think Vance should of been mixing it up. I think CJ is amazing but sooner or later teams were not going to let him beat them. Hopefully this forces everyone to show up.

    Keaton Hixenbaugh Reply

    @Braedon Lock I agree 💯 disguising blitzes with budda was refreshing

Wright Gaming Reply

“you dropped a floaty tho?” 😂

    BassStrangla Reply

    I loved that part! haha sounds funny the way he said it. haha

ricky chavez Reply

It’s nice to see Patrick this happy, let’s hope we can resign him towards the end of the year it would be sad to see him go

    francisco lara Reply

    Its nice to see them all happy we been bad last couple years. Seems like we going to be good for next couple years hopefully

    _ JDP2104 _ Reply

    I haven’t seen him so excited in years. You know this team is special

    Eric Ramming Reply

    Like Charles Woodson I see a move to safety in the next year or two.

    Mike Peifer Reply

    Pat P is happy when they win. But soon as a little adversity happens he’s leaking some nonsense.

    Alex A Reply

    @Eric Ramming we have budda baker and jalen Thompson

Daddynika Reply

i was watching this entire vid with a smile on my face

Junior Cervantes Reply

We gonna need this type of play from Murphy against Seattle. P2 was 🔐 up his man

    _ JDP2104 _ Reply

    We’re gonna need him to repeat against Lockett/Metcalf

backtoconstitution1 Reply

Bowling pin was the Best one. Glad to see patrick having fun. Great energy this time Let’s get Seattle at home now and in Seattle as usual😂

James Reply

I’m glad Pat Peterson is happy again being a Cardinal, I mean this energy of this team is the best we seen in a while!

    Rocco1123 Reply

    Since 2015+

Calvin Reply

P2, Budda, Murphy, Gardeck, Phillips and the rest of the D line getting in sync

AC Dark LOPEZ Reply

Is it just me or he look like the old Patrick Peterson kinda

    _ JDP2104 _ Reply

    He is. This team’s new energy is exciting

Ryan Moore Reply

I like the part where he asks Coach if he needs him on Offense

Marcus Williams Reply

Was really hoping to see when P2 was running down the sideline for Drakes late TD.

anthony sandoval Reply

A shut down corner is hard to find, we need to resign him .. Pat P is still elite

_ JDP2104 _ Reply

I haven’t seen this team so hyped up in years. Something really special is brewing in the desert

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