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Packers vs. Seahawks key matchups | Unscripted

Mike and Wes explore various Packers-Seahawks matchups on tap, including Mike Pettine vs. Russell Wilson (6:36), DK Metcalf vs. Jaire Alexander and Kevin King (8:13), Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright vs. Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams (11:15), Jadeveon Clowney vs. Bryan Bulaga (14:01), and Seattle’s offensive line vs. Kenny Clark and Za’Darius Smith (16:51).

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I like our chances. Go Pack Go

Jesus isMySavior


Jerry Stice

28-10 Green Bay!

    Mike Kamaleddine


    Kenneth Couch

    The will to win. Go Packers!

Sports Nut

Seahawks haven’t won at Lambo in something like 20 years. Let’s make it 21!!


    If you’re a gambler, that stat doesn’t encourage me at all.  Eventually the odds will flip in the Seahawks favor.  You can’t win ’em all.  Weather will NOT be a factor.

James Barlow

Wes: “Yea I’ve always said I feel like there’s a lot of parallels between Green Bay and Seattle and it’s been that way for a the last ten years.”
What is he talking about? Seattle has always been built by Carroll to be a smash mouth run tesm prinarily whereas McCarthy’s Packers put everything on the passing game with Rodgers. The two teams are hardly similar at all for the past ten years!
Wes is bs-ing again!

matt bertrand

Wilson is still a dangerous guy. If they basically shut down the non existent run, and contain Wilson, the packers win. The Seahawks are so banged up. Run the ball A LOT and lots of play action.


    Make sure Rodgers is sober this time.

John Wilson

Go Pack Go!


Snow bowl 2
One of my favorite Packers games was the game the 2007 Divisional. Ryan grant ran wild & Favre had that stumbling flick forward. Classic!

Seito Stockman

I’m worried about my hawks not having a solid run game in the cold of Lambeau


    Not to mention the coaching staff making sum decisions such as the 49ers one yard line plus calling plays that can hurt the team on close games playing as they r ahead.

Jeff Blankenship

You guys do a really nice job; I’m impressed.


Go pack go

openyoureyesandseethefuture GLM

thanks you guys are realistic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,probably the way to be when it comes to football………………….im hoping Packers can play at an incredible level……………………….this weekend

openyoureyesandseethefuture GLM

green bay wins 49-0…………………….its not impossible

Lewis Rodgers

There has been an…. Awakening

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