Packers name Kari Bernier 22nd member of Packers FAN Hall of Fame – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Soraida Echeverria

I’m first

Soraida Echeverria

Go packers go


Awesome news and congrats. Made a video about aaron rodgers proving haters wrong.

Dorothy Abdul

Gooooooooo pack

Jamingaming 345

Go pack go

Venim #1

Let’s Go PACK?


Go Pack Go!🧀

Maddox Ifft

Go to packast he such a big fan go pack go!

Killer Champion

That’s all cool and all we need more rings

XimerTracks - Sub To Me

Lovely video. can’t wait for more. I really want to be friends 🙂

Speedy FLY24

Packer nation 🧀

Tyki Mikk804

Go Pack Go

Eric S

Packers in the NFL and in college its the Auburn tigers

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