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Austin Luepkes

Anyone win their Championship thanks to Jones?

    Will Gomes

    You know it

    Trent Shine

    Lost mine because of him

    Detective Gokes

    I had him and Kenyon Drake

that boi

Jesus the defence literally took over

    Danny Boy

    @Dixon Cider in what way at all were they trash? With the turnovers early on by the offense they held the vikings to a manageable lead and then never let them score again. They made a hot Vikings defense look completely dysfunctional the whole game

    Brandon Escalante

    Dixon Cider salty cowboy fan, y’all done for the season

    Maria Lagattuta

    I literally prayed for the pack to win

    that boi

    @Maria Lagattutame too


Za Smith is the mvp you gotta love that man. Go pack go pack go 1st in the north

packerfan 6668

Smith had a hell of a game i will tell you what


Good W by the Packers, dont count Green Bay out in these playoffs, period

    fog soup

    one and done

    Blackthorn 461

    Virginia Cavs I know


    @Dixon Cider Cowboys are trash, they aren’t even going to make it

drago p

Go pack go🏈🏈🧀🧀💯💯

    Salvador Bribiesca

    I shut that down real quick when the Packers came to Levi’s Stadium #GoNINEGo

    Joe Rulo

    @Salvador Bribiesca and Seattle gonna beat you again so you’ll have to go through Green Bay in the playoffs.

    arfsnm dgn

    @Joe Rulo

    arfsnm dgn

    @Salvador Bribiesca

    fog soup

    there going no where fast sorry there’s no real running back

Dillon Meadors


    fog soup

    want be enough against a real team


They had 10 points due to our turnovers. Even with that the D only allowed 10 points. Hell yeah we’re celebrating tonight

Eric Kim

“I am not worried about the Pro Bowl, I want to get the to Super Bowl.”

Jade Nguyen

Za’darius Smith on my fantasy team…

but I’m the consolation playoffs.

Tyron Wells

ZarDaris and Aaron Jones were pro bowl snubs

    Oof Oof

    Tyron Wells agreed

    Dominic Collins

    Go Eagles for East

    Anthony Rankins

    Preston to.

    Bao Lee

    no smith went the worst o line

Simple X.

If we get this defense in the playoffs, the Packers are gonna be dangerous. The offense needs a bit more work. Aaron Jones is sooo valuable to this team. Z. Smith is a god sent.


    Rodgers playing arguably some of his worst football lately. Needs to find the magic in time for playoffs because the top teams right now are hella stacked


I dont know… is our defense that good, or is Kirk Cousins that bad…, or is the Vikings’ offensive line that bad…, or the vikings’ offense that bad without a running game…, or the Vikings’ superbowl window closed with the 2017 miracle in the metrodome team…, or the entire Vikings’ franchise ran that ineptly!?


    Just need a QB that’s actually worth 84 million and an oline that can block.

    Freddy Tapia


    Jeff Whittington

    I will be see w

Caden Presley

Now if our D can play like this for the next few games, which was and is much needed, that’d be extremely nice. Our offense needs to do the same.

    Lanina Clay

    I agree!

    AlmightyyPack 1

    Caden Presley hopefully we sign a WR before Detroit


Goes to show how much Dalvin Cook carries this team

    AlmightyyPack 1

    Inkkdatdude- – 💀💀

    Mike Zavala

    The Vikings Oline lost the game tonight. I dont blame Cousins for this loss. He barely had any time to do anything

    Train wreck Thomas

    Got no play action GB just teed off all nite without him not the best but the most important FS and I’m a lifetime Packers fan

Alex !?**

this team can go far
experienced offense
consistent defense
finally good coaching

Alex !?**

zadarius smith and aaron jones both got snubbed from the pro bowl this wk

zadarius smith and aaron jones were the two best packers this wk


    King Jay

    I’m in deep love with my team my offense can struggle but they come back winning and they’re very special in every way they always make a move and not just devante adams my defense is a killer were showing who we are and how dominant we’ll be with our bye abd great rest we’ll be the death of all the hot nfc teams in the playoffs and for many upcoming years 49ers gave us hell we contained them in the beginning but we let they’re excellent and fearsome defense get to rodgers and our recievers and run game i knew jones would dominant tonight i told everyone he’d be special for many years to come that’s what we need now it’s time for vengeance and consistency against them dollar 49ers and run the playoffs and just hopefully bring that beautiful Lombardi trophy back home where it belongs in title town we gotta keep this going no slacking no excuses go pack go!!!!!!! packers for life!!!!!!!!


Either that offence line is trash or that d-line is overpowered I want to know

    Make Sad Urban Cradles Megalovania remix happen

    Mixture of both

    Miguel Gonzalez

    Yea lowkey both

Anthony Rankins

The Packers defensive Highlights or Z. Smith Highlights?

    fog soup


Lol Lol

How the holy hell is Aaron Jones not in the pro bowl? Dude has 19 touchdowns


    Popularity contest, not performance unfortunately 😒

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